I am really excited about the shift that is happening. We all feel it. It is apparrent in our relationships as we tend to get snappy with our spouse or kids, or our own feelings get hurt. Some of us are losing relationship and others are making new. It is all happening so quickly we need time to process this in a positive way. Starting on 12-12-12 begins a process of awakening our planet has never seen. This will continue to gain momentum until the climax of 12-21-12 THE Winter Solstice. This is it folks. Time to jump onto the tidal wave and surf it. Are you in or are you out? If your undecided then the decision may be made for you.
I am speaking about INTENTION. Together with positive intention we can SHIFT + CHANGE THE VIBRATION OF THIS PLANET! We are simply energetic beings housed in a ‘Jar of Clay’ as the bible says. A shard of crystal is what was pictured to me in a clear vision. We are all rays of light and have the power to come together and bring peace, healing and TRANSFORMATION to this world. The light of many candles burns brighter together!

Take a moment tonight and set YOUR intention for the future. What can you let go of that no longer serves you in a positive way? What relationships can you let go of? Do you have any energy vampires in your life? This release doesn’t mean that you stop loving them, just love them at a distance! What realationships can you foster to bring you more happiness? Shiva Rea calls this ‘Tending the Sacred Heart Fire’. As we shift forward allow time to process. Patience will be your best ally. Realize this is a daily, hourly and moment by moment  process.

Enjoy the journey! Namaste.

Peace, Love + Light;