12-13 – 12-15 | Living Your Divine Purpose | Awaken to the Cosmic Dance of Your Life with Kristin and Randall Brooks


Dec. 13, Friday 6:30- 8:30PM Kirtan Concert with Kristin and Randall Brooks!
Dec. 14 & 15 11:30 – 4:30 PM Saturday and Sunday workshop

This weekend is intended for going deep into your personal daily  intention for living a Divine path, your daily Sadhana. Using tools of sound healing, meditation, yoga, ayurveda, journaling and much more, take this weekend to devote to YOU!

Dare to walk a path that NO man (or woman!) has walked before…YOUR Path!

Join Randall and Kristin Brooks on this life-changing yogic journey into the mystical world of archetypes. Expand your awareness and initiate the inner romance of your personal mythology to fully activate your Divine purpose in this life. Empower yourself to playfully live with an adventurous heart full of enthusiasm, compassion, and clarity. Don’t just dream about a more fulfilling life, AWAKEN to the Cosmic Dance that IS Your Life!

With their sincere, heartfelt, hands-on approach based on their own Nada Bhakti Yoga practice, Randall and Kristin will provide playful activities, tools, and spiritual practices (including devotional chanting and japa) to empower you to uncover and intimately commune with your inner archetypes; identify and strengthen your unique talents you’ve been given to serve humanity; and define and activate your life’s Divine purpose…. ALL to empower you to fully live the magic and myth of YOUR Divine play. Explore Meditation, Chanting, Mantra, Yoga Philosophy mixed with lecture and practice.

With this session you will practice Nada Bhakti Yoga to:

-Deepen your awareness of mythology as well as its importance and necessity on this yogic path of life
-Begin to discover, commune, and cultivate a relationship with your inner archetypes as you learn to live “as” their embodiment
-Uncover and strengthen your Divine talents through your archetypes
-Connect with your Dharma by developing a life purpose statement in alignment with and support of your inner mythology and talents

~ Developing a life purpose statement in alignment with and support of your inner mythology & talents
$99 Super Early Bird by ‘Black Friday’ ($125 reg. ) All weekend 3 days | $69 One Day Saturday or Sunday Early Bird ($75 Reg.) | $15 Friday only Early Bird ($20 Reg. )

*Yoga 4 Love Teacher Training Students:
THIS MODULE IS INCLUDED in the 200/300 Hour.

Payment plans available.

Held at:
Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio | 558 Bluebird Lane | Red Oak Tx 75154

An accredited module for the 300 | 500 | 1000 Hour One Yoga USA Training Programs Path