5 Minutes 4 Positive Change  ~ Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality and Nutrition Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle

I’m in the process of writing my first book:

5 Minutes 4 Positive Change
Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality and Nutrition Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle


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5 Minutes 4 Positive Change

I have much more material for another book after this crazy year!
The next project is the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Program ONLINE 200 Hour Global Training Program.  We are running one more BETA session for our online teacher training, then we are going GLOBAL!
Also coming, specifically for yogis and yoga teachers, all my conscious flow of downloaded and written New Moon and Full Moon Vinyasa Flow sequences!



I started the process of realizing that it is coming through late last year, 2013. It was so clear and so I began to meditate on it. I then shared that I was working on a big project with a women’s circle, but not naming what the project was. In direct confirmation of what I was receiving one of the ladies intuitively stated, ‘Lisa since you began talking I have been seeing a book! ‘
I then shared, ‘Yes I have been getting tons of downloads written straight from Source.’ Some I have already blogged, some I have written in my teacher training manual, many I have recorded as an audio class or meditation.

Since my intention was set last year, I decided to start my book on January 1, 2014. As soon as I began writing it came in so quickly that I was able to immediately download the cover, the front and back cover, the introduction and the title (which was given today straight from Source! … as I spoke the title into my phone for the final draft title for the book, the words came out just slightly different than what I actually said and it was just perfect).
I cannot write by hand fast enough, since the information comes to me so quickly and then I can’t read my writing very well. That’s pretty funny, my always mom said I should have been a physician. So, to remedy this issue, I ordered a Bluetooth that learns your speech when you type.
The next sitting I wrote the entire table of contents!

I paused writing on it until this past weekend when I traveled to Phoenix for a nutrition conference. While at the pool a couple sat down next to me. They started conversing with me and I found out that the man was a multi marathon runner. I asked him what nutritional supplements used while he was running and he shared with me his favorite and the product which was the topic of the conference.

We discussed some different types of information on yoga and spirituality and discussed some books by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. Then he began to share with me that he was a pediatric physician from Canada, and he really enjoyed studying these types of subjects. He inquired more about learning about yoga and running. I’ve been shared with him that I was writing a book. He said he was extremely excited to see it into fruition and started inquiring some details about my book that really helped me to get to clarity on the final book. For instance, he asked me if it was going to have a spiral bound cover so it can lay flat like a manual. I had never thought about that, but I thought that was an awesome idea! I thanked him for helping me clarify some topics and promised him a copy when it comes out.
Later that day, in my room at the hotel, I just randomly opened my laptop with the intention to just quickly edit the contents table and I totally finished creating all the bullet points of information under each chapter! I finished completely effortlessly!

The next day that I was back home from my trip and I took my 11 year old daughter to a birthday party at a local jump house. I saw several friends from our community and began randomly chatting. In addition to making some great contacts about nutrition and yoga, one of the ladies there was a published author of children’s books. I know her very well so I ask her some questions and shared with her my intention of my book. She says she’s extremely excited and got goosebumps! She is researching publishers and also sharing with me some referrals!

Then, as a thought came into my mind I used my voice text and stated the title when I looked at it then somehow Source totally added an additional word which change the connotation of the whole title and I knew this was it exactly!
So here I am sharing it!

I ask you to hold the completion of this project to its finest fruition in your heart.

The amazing full moon total eclipse happened the next night. My hubby Richard and I woke up to watch it. The sight was really impressive. The moon turned a lovely shade of orange!
The next day I taught a few yoga classes and set the theme around bringing awareness to the shadowy areas of our lives thst we want to illuminate with the light of the full moon. Setting the intention to let go of shadow in our lives in the form of bad habits, negative self talk,  relationships that no longer serve our highest good and changing those parts of our personalty that are just not or favorite parts of our self.
When we shine the light of the full moon on it those areas of our life they will never live in the shadows anymore. With awareness we are able to bring darkness into Light and learn the lessons so we can move on!  How freeing! What a blessing!

With that intention is time for me to let the world know that I have gifts to share beyond my wildest measure. Yes, me.

I claim this responsibility to download this information and bring it through. I am obedient to the Greater Good and highest intention. I’m letting go of the outcome.

Here we go!

Lisa Ware selfie JP ConLisa in downtown Phoenix Arizona April 2014

Lisa Lynne Ware, RYT500
Reiki Master Teacher
Best Selling Author

and so it is. AHO!