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I am now co-hosting an online radio show called Synergy Soul. We discuss life, love and truth. It is a funky Good time and along with my co-host Dawn LeRoux we give a perfect contrast and exciting experience.

I wanted to share this new development with my Yoga4Love family! Enjoy today’s show and my wrap up piece below.

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 FIRST while I have an example of when we speak in the negative instead of in the positive that I addressed about the universal law of attraction in the show, let me cover that.

When We say: I am NOT fat, all the universe hears is I am fat. Because the universe only speaks a love language it does not here not, can’t, wont, don’t, and the such.

So it is important to speak positively, instead of I am NOT fat, speak I am the size I desire to be, I am healthy, I am…. whatever it is in the positive that you desire.

The power of I AM, once evoked brings God into the mix, so you move past your own personal creative power into Gods creative power and you know God is one heck of a creator!

SO when ever you say I AM make sure it is empowering!

Change: I am not dumb to I AM smart and learning comes easy to me

Change: I am not single to I AM married to the man or woman of my desires and we move in flow together

Change: I am not barren to I AM fertile and have healthy children.

God only speaks love, the universe does not understand negative… hold on, see that sentence I just wrote, does not. Cross that out! How can that be stated in the positive? The universe ONLY understands positive statements.

Be conscious in thought.

Fear vs. Love: I think we said it all, it is a conscious effort, whenever you find yourself coming from a place of fear push yourself back to love.

Giving and Receiving: Come from a place of expectancy in all things. No, don’t say I give this so I get that, expect that God will provide all of your needs. You may give your last dollar that you were going to use to eat. Don’t expect the dollar but know you will receive sustenance. This goes back to a true hearts desire. What do you really NEED. You don’t NEED the dollar, you NEED the food, and because of your faith you will ALWAYS receive what you NEED!

It is my hope that you move towards a mentality that you begin to receive the things you WANT. NEED is lack in thought, WANT is abundance IMO

This is what I mean by updating your definition of what abundance is.

Relationships: When we begin to evolve people will either lovingly evolve with us or fearfully resist change. You have to accept either way. Do not force yourself on anyone by trying to keep the relationship frozen in time. Instead be authentic to who you are becoming and people will naturally flow in and out of your life.

Otherwise the show was good. I have a tendency to ramble lol, so I wrote out my notes. I felt-I haven’t listened yet- that I was to ‘ready’ and I prefer a more conversation style of teaching. I didn’t want to ramble but I know I am a bullet point girl. Stick with me, I’m working it out.

I am excited to teach and share the concepts verbally that I share here in writing. For me it is like taking an online class vs. sitting in front of the teacher. It is the difference of reading a book and going to a live seminar.

I know a lot of you come here for the knowledge and growth opportunities, and I am so happy to extend that into Synergy Soul Sunday’s.


And always remember, you can live passively or you can live passionately.

Be blessed and be at peace and please share the network.


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