Daily Reading July 8, 2013 Happy New Moon

Today is a new moon guys! What are you believing the universe for today? Each day should be lived purposefully but today and tonight there is something in the air and its called renewal!

 A new moon is the beginning of a moons cycle and there is power in new beginnings, there is creative power in new beginnings and I am hoping everyone is geared up to create.

 The new moon piqued at 3:14am this morning, were you up? I was, but had no idea I was supposed to be writing my letters to God.

 Never fear though, the effects of the new moon last well into the day and then some. So make sure you take full advantage of this new beginning and send up a special request to The Divine.

 With that said, here is today’s reading.

 Today I prayed that God give me a message that will help others move confidently into their day with awareness and knowing.


Ace of Fire JUMPED out the deck (alone with a few other cards, but I am only reading the first one and elude to the others, nine of earth, The Sun, and Page of Air)



This card falls right in alignment with new moon activity, creativity and manifestation. You can stand boldly knowing you have the power to create in your reach. You are crafty, confident, and be flexible to the idea of change. Change is good. I know we may have our own plans but God has plans too so allow yourself to be in flow. This card relates to career, self-development, art. risk taking, and adventure. What are you believing for? Stop standing still and reach into your personal power and make it so. You will find as you start believing you start receiving!

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