A Meditation and Your Personal Mantra!

A while ago I had a dream that I woke up and immediately felt empowered! It was with my mom, she was a successful writer and I was giving her a pep talk as she gets ready in her business suit to meet the world. She was feeling like she might not be good enough, or accepted in this world of successful people. I said to her as she put on her heels, “You are beautiful! You are successful! You are STRONG! You are an AMAZING writer! You can do it!”
My my Nana was there too. I borrowed her toothbrush to get ready. She encouraged me too. I’m wearing her rose quartz necklace and earrings.
11-03 Random Dynamic Yoga pix 042
I woke and dictated this meditation below.
A meditation:
Connecting to Source, filling ourself with beautiful loving healing white gold and silvery light. Creating a bubble of this Loving light around us. Fill it up from the infinite supply from Creator.  Anything that doesn’t resonate with this beautiful healing light falls away like rainwater into Mother Earth. Each and every cell, every atom is cleansed. Everything that was ever grey falls away and we radiate this white light from our hearts. Filling up our cup so we can then fill up others.
This is your mantra! (Fill in the blanks with the first thought that comes in):
I am beautiful
I am strong!
I am excellent at…
I am grateful for…
I am a wonderful…
The key to my happiness is…
This is my mantra!
Here’s my own:
My mission of life is to provide health, wealth, wellness, joy and vitality of living organically for myself and my family; to bring love, light, wisdom and yoga to my members, clients and students while making a great income.