A Meditation of Love Light and Healing + Affirmation and Dream Reflection

Here is a guided meditation I spoke during our yoga class tonight for YOU~
Connecting to Source begin filling yourself with beautiful, loving healing white gold and silvery light. Creating a bubble of this Loving light around you, filling it up from the infinite supply from Creator. Anything that doesn’t resonate with this beautiful healing light falls away like rainwater into Mother Earth. Each and every cell every atom is filled with healing white, silvery golden light. Everything that was ever grey falls away and we begin to immerse ourselves in this beautiful healing energy. White light begins to radiate out from our hearts. Filling up our cup so we can then fill up the cups of others. Feel the light pouring over you like a gentle waterfall. Bathe in this beautiful healing light as long as you’d like. Remember that this bubble of white light is always there, simply by intending it to, we are immediately immersed in this space of complete and total healing, health and tranquility.

An affirmation for YOU:
I am beautiful
I am strong!
I am excellent at…
I am grateful for…
I am a wonderful…

This is my mantra! This is my key to happiness. (Write it down NOW!)

After just coming off a beautiful training with my brand new Reiki Level 2 initiates my vibration is so high! During the workshop one of the Yoginis suggested we choose cards out of our ‘Gods, Goddesses and Angel deck’. For some reason this tool really is used by Spirit to connect to Christ-Consciousness. Whether you believe or not, the card that is drawn always resonates. It’s really insightful. I drew the Goddess of the Shadows~’What you perceive to be your dark side holds a hidden treasure’. I pondered that. Our training was so powerful and we all felt so connected to our path as Lightworkers.

This morning I had a dream involving my late mother. In this altered reality mom as was successful writer about to go onto a talk show or speak publicly but she was feeling inadequate. I gave giving her a pep talk as she gets ready in her business suit to meet the world. She was feeling like she might not be good enough, or accepted in this world of successful people. I said to her as she put on her heels, “You are beautiful! You are successful! You are STRONG! You are an AMAZING writer!” Basically, ‘You can do it!’

My my Nana was there in my dream, too. I borrowed her toothbrush to get ready and she then encouraged me, as well (not yet sure about the toothbrush thing).

I chose to wear her rose quartz necklace and earrings when I awoke. My Uncle Walt was a wonderful creator and worked with stones and minerals as a hobby and made beautiful jewelry, and this is one of the pieces he made.
Reading into this dream, I felt that I received exactly what I needed as I said those affirmations to my mother, so I could let go of past limitations and old patterns of belief. Just like that Angel card!