Explore Yourself through Online Yoga Teacher Training

Are you interested in learning more about your self? Have you ever asked, “Why am I here?”

Lisa Ware

Yoga 4 Love is built on the motto Expanding Horizons, Inspiring Positive Change. Are you ready to take a step in the direction of creating positive change in your life? Yoga training is not about standing in front of a group and doing yoga. Some schools of thought may dispute this, however I believe that we learn yoga for our SELF. Once we begin on a path to set our intention to learn more about yoga, meaning the entirety of the teachings not just the physical practice, then we open a gateway for beautiful  transformations to begin in our lives! We set our intention to become a better ME, a better mom, a better wife, a better student. Then the teachings of all of the philosophy becomes integrated. It is from THAT place that we can begin to share with others.

As students of yoga, we desire to embody the teachings, spend hours with the intention to read, listen and learn about who we really are and why we may be here. Then, as things become illuminated in our own life we organically begin to share this knowledge with others. Until this happens within, we are not ready to teach. Once we begin to shift and move into higher states of awareness, it is from that point that we can share authentically. Until that point, we learn and share from the masters who came before us!

I want to personally invite you to embark upon a journey with me. A journey in self discovery. If you want to name it, you can call it yoga teacher training. This training program is so much more. You will learn so much about your self, about humans, about the Divine, about Universal perspective. Yoga is the Science of Consciousness, never about a specific dogma or a limited belief system. I encourage you to trust your heart and know that you have found the right place for you. This training can be done at your own pace, in your own home with the power and resources online, we can meet virtually! Isn’t this so amazing?

Thank you for looking into our Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs. Our next class is launching now, your personal start date is flexible. 

Fill out the 2016 Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Registration 200 Hour ONLINE and email to the director: lisawareyoga4love@gmail.com requesting an interview.

lisa ware Kalodio

This next class of 2016 will entail:

6 modules, as self directed audio and video training, plus homework and regular asana practice with me. Completion of each module is suggested 30 days to 60 days. The training will expire in 12 months from enrollment. 

What does the training consist of, you ask?

You will receive the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs manual, 6 modules available as audio recordings #1-#6, 2 modules are on video: Module #4 Water Anatomy and Module #6 Ether Integration. You will be doing the required reading, hOMEwork, audio modules, audio asana practice and integration face time sessions with other students and the director. 

How many hours?


How do I turn in my hours? You must do all the hOMework for each module and the required reading and attend a Yoga 4 Love Retreat. The retreat is not included in tuition.

What is the training outline?

Once you set up an interview and submit your registration then you get approved, via email. You set up a payment for your registration and manual fee for the deposit and pay your tuition or set up a payment plan with the director. At that point you are given the password and access to the trainings. 

How do I register?

Fill out the 2016 Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Registration 200 Hour ONLINE and email to the director: lisawareyoga4love@gmail.com requesting an interview.

How long do I have to finish each module?

60 days for the slow path

30 days for the fast track

The entire program will take 6 months to a year, plus your retreat.

Each module has its login and password for all the info, you simply just complete it in order. 

I am so excited! Please contact us if you may wish to schedule an interview for the next class.  lisawareyoga4love@gmail.com

Peace, Love + Light~

Lisa Ware


Reiki Master Teacher