A Stumble in My Gratitude Practice

be yourself

So, I have been a month at this gratitude thing and yesterday I hit a wall of resistance. Now, you may think that it was my personal rsistance stoping my practice, but it was actually my family. I have been asking everyone to share what they are grateful for over dinner almost every night starting on the Full moon last month. Yesterday, we did not start with what we re grateful for, as we were in a deep ‘parental/kid’ conversation. When that died down I suggested we all say what we are grateful foran d WHOA NELLY! It was a huge uproar! I felt bad, we argued over why I am asking everyone this and that it is my idea, why am I asking everyone else to participate, etc.
I felt a bit disheartened, but listened.

I felt so sad that something that I attempted to make a positive turned and became a huge negative feeling. I was questioned on my religious beliefs, and we discussed religion and yoga and church. It was a good discussion, and we left the table wanting to continue this exploration. I felt defensive. Is this my old self rising to the surface? I thought I dealt with this, and this is my family for goddess sake!

I really am not sure if that was a test for me, but I still feel that every day we all should list what we are happy about, what we like, what brings us joy! How can you go wrong with starting your day or your meal with these simple truths?
Try it, and I would love some feedback on what happens to you after a few weeks.
I must say I have to reevaluate why I do what I do every day, and what makes me get up and do it. I teach yoga, I run the business at the studio as well as run my nutrution business with Juice Plus and help as a Partner to my hubby’s company, The Fish Physician. We have two kids that need to be taken to horseback riding lessons, Camp Broadway, movies and dragged to yoga with me.
I love my students and my studio just like family and love my community of yogis and yoginis, as well. So, bottom line… YOU MAKE ME HAPPY! I am grateful for YOU!



Peace, Love + Light~