A True Story About a Client Diagnosed with Dis-ease and the Curious Facts about Juice Plus

For the privacy of my client the name has been changed and the conversation has been paraphrased.
Hey can you cancel our order/recurring payment. John is having stomach problems and doctor told him to stop taking all supplements. Thanks!
I was wanting to start a short dialogue about John. I am really surprised that John’s physician told him to stop supplements, but not really. The medical industry has a lot of growing to do when it comes to health and prevention, as you may agree. At the risk of sounding however this may sound, PLEASE realize I have your best interest at heart. I do not care about a sale, I am a health professional and have seen many, many people HEAL entirely from eating a plant based diet. We may not realize that most doctors only have one semester of nutrition, and it is impossible to know all the supplements out there.

However, I also want you to know the facts. Juice Plus is in fact not a supplement at all, it has a Nutrition label, not a supplement label. I’m sure his doctor had no idea about this. Another important thing for John is that Juice Plus is the most widely researched nutrition product in the world! There are over 35 Clinical published peer reviewed studies on the results. Most of us need more fruits and veggies, and it really concerns me that at a time in his life when phytonutrients are at the UTMOST of importance, healing from dis-ease, that he decided to quit eating the very thing that will help heal his body.

Many people actually double and triple up their caps in times like this. And they heal! My dad was on chemo, radiation and at the mid stages of cancer treatment. We did this very thing, tripling his red, green and purple capsules last summer. At the end of 5 rounds of chemo and 28 rounds of radiation he did not even lose his hair! And he was up walking about with us, going to shop and dine in Grapevine, TX at the end to celebrate.
I wish this for John. I do hope you share this with him.
Please research for yourself. I read a lot on the web, and a lot is people’s blogs. I trust proven research, that is why I am such an advocate for holistic healing.
Here is the link to the published clinical results.
Please let me know what you feel. If you would kindly respond I would really appreciate it. Regardless, your order is cancelled. I just wanted you to learn the facts.
Much love to you both, I am here if you want to utilize my services in any way. Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

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Please stop my yoga membership, my doctor told me to stop. I have some chronic inflammation in the lungs.


Breathwork and yoga are important for the healing of the lungs. Have you questioned your doctor about the reasons why your health professional may have told you to stop doing yoga?




Please take control of your health and ask questions. Yoga is shown to increase lung capacity and many other positive benefits. I would be curious to find out what the reason a doctor would not want this for his patient.


What are your thoughts?

Do you believe in nutrition?

Do you have to believe in nutrition for it to work?

I encourage you, too, to view this video about the facts about whole food and the Juice Plus company.

Do you want to help? Are you ready to take action in your own life? Are you ready to be an advocate with this movement of Health and Wellness? NOW is the time!

Lisa Ware
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