A Well Rounded Life

Recently I have been blessed with the opportunity to become involved with two really wonderful companies. Along with my skin care practice, they have brought a perfect balance to not only my personal life, but my business life as well. The first one is  a nutrition business, which creates amazing whole food nutrition (that we all lack on a daily basis). My entire family is taking this and its been so comforting to know everyone is getting  tons more fruit and vegetables a day without shoving broccoli down their throats at dinner! They actually thoroughly enjoy eating the chewables. The company also sells the an amazing garden which is the coolest invention, created by the guy who did the aeroponic gardens at Epcot Center! Grow your own food anywhere even if you’re a terrible gardener! It fits on a patio or deck and grows the most beautiful fruits and vegetable without fighting the Texas soil 🙂 My involvement with this company has brought wonderful nutrition and health awareness into my life.

The second company is an incredibly innovative company that creates high end, non-toxic home, health and natural skin care and beauty products. Right up my alley! Their home collection has helped me to eliminate toxic products, their supplements are amazing and compliment juice plus beautifully. And how exciting for me to be able to offer my clients exceptional skin and hair products that are professional grade but not full retail price. All through a company that has impeccable morals and values (yes, I actually personally know the guys who have started it)
I am so grateful for the well rounded-ness all of these resources have brought to my life and am so happy to share them with everyone.

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