Angel Tree for my Mother

The most ordained sequence of events brought me to Cliff Temple tonight. Aspen is performing with the SW Children’s Chorus. I was instructed to drop her off and get her after with the other parents. However, we needed shoes for her formal. So in Lisa style we whipped in to shoe shop on the way. Since Mimi goes to church here I walked her in. I noticed there were hundreds of angel ornaments on tables. Hmmm. I asked. It’s an angel tree service. I said I too lost a loved one and I have mom’s ornament hanging from my rearview mirror! So… I’m here now to hang a symbol of my mothers love on a tree that will be honored for years to come. Every Christmas the church brings out all the angels of years past and the loved ones get to come and hang it on the Angel Tree. I’m in the perfect place at the perfect time.