Autumn … One of my favorite seasons.

Estes Park, Colorado | Lisa by Aspen trees

Autumn … One  of my favorite seasons. I grew up in Colorado,

so the changing of seasons has always been a major part of my life. Our daughter is named Aspen, after the tree. The Aspen grove is an amazing sight to see. One grove is actually the largest living organism on the planet; the root system it totally interconnected. You see this interconnectedness in the fall. It takes place about three weeks after the first cold snap.
The trees all know what to do, as they turn from green to gold to red. The valley with the grove of Aspens shimmer like gold flakes in the wind, and the contrast of the white bark sprinkled with pines between is one of the most incredible views you may ever take in.

Autumn Equinox was this past weekend. I spent much time in nature with my husband and in deep meditation with a few close friends. I encourage you to get out in nature, touch a tree. Look up at its magnificence and realize that we are all interconnected.
We are all one.