I had an astonishing practice with Amy Middleton Co-Creator of Imagine Yoga today.   We normally have a few attend but today it WAAS just me and her. Exactly what I needed. I am going thru an emotional roller coaster right now.  There are so many factors that come into play and how I have played.  Lately I have been letting others guide me when I already know what my plan is. The universe showed me along time ago and I feared my true sucess for a time. I don’t wish my success to be because of how much money I have made but how I make it and how I help others while helping myself in this game called “LIFE”. As of today I haven’t drank in four and half years. I struggle with smoking, finding balance, and having my business run me instead of me running the business.  Many factors come into play. Unhealthy relationships, negative food choices, living off coffee, getting off meds, and thinking its all being handle by those around me. I can’t expect those around me to do what only I CAN DO and what I am to teach them.  I have been given a “GIFT”! Now I have the POWER to loved and guide my light to righteousness instead of the dark doom of fear.

I will be going to Baylor Cancer Center today for Mammogram and Sonogram! Am I scared? So many people say “I AM SORRY” but I am not. This is apart of my path and journey. Some of my surrounds, choices, and denial have got me sick. Some sickness is unstoppable and out of our control. I believe I created a lot of this in me. Not for the poor look at me look at me but the bighter side……..I AM STILL ALIVE.  This is the universes way of letting me know there still is so much greatness I need and deserved. It is ours for the taking………….TAKE IT PEOPLE. There waas days in my 20’s were I would freak out, would make suituations worse than what they were, and would try to set bombs off in everyones lives so they could worry and suffer like me.  NO MORE! I have to BELIEVE AND IT WILL BE.

I am meant for love, I am made of love, my light is bright and it is time to shine.  I will not allow myself to become depressed, broken, or even doubtful. I will prevail and share my story to encourage others to speak there truth and follow there true intention. We forget our natural intuition due to society trying to shape shift our mind, souls, and true guide. You are your guide and all it takes is a little more work then how we have been programmed. Just like the doctors have tried to program me in to believing I can’t be the real with out meds. I can clearly say “bull shit”! I have been working off them for almost a month now and I feel more than ever.  The only time I put doubt in my head is the thoughts they make you think. You will freak out, have panic attacks, uncontrollable anxiety. I only had that when I allowed my thoughts to control me. I have taken the control back and maintain new practices that work for me. Breathing, Yoga, Mediating, Writing, Speaking My Truth, Dancing, and Music are my new practieces. The practice of being me. I decied to give myself permission to be who I am whether you get it our not. Just like I let others be them.  They will see my light and it will be infectious!

About to run to appoinment now (check your boobies) and plan on blogging more regulary regarding WAAS Gallery, Emerging Artist, Fashion, The Art of Living and how ART SAVES LIVES!