Breath is LIFE ~ My OneYogaUSA Conference Experience

The first OneYogaUSA Dallas Yoga Conference + Music Fest was this past month. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend on Friday and Saturday due to prior commitments, but I attended on Sunday and it was a blessing!


I would like to share with you some information about one of the classes I took. It was called Transformational Breathing. It was taught by Mary Opperman and Dana Shamas from Bayou Bliss Studio in Houston.


Transformational Breathing is a powerful self-healing modailty that heals on every level of ourselves: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We breathe unconsciously most of the day and do not use our lungs to the fullest capacity we can.  The students spent 45 minutes simply breathing, and being taught how to breathe using the entire lung capacity, while Mary and Dana coached us individually on both a verbal and physical basis.


I learned that our patterns of breathing are connected with emotional trauma and memories. The teachers guided the students, and in doing so, helped us see breathe deeply to reduce stress, heighten self-awareness, and even help heal emotional trauma. A couple of the students cried and then felt calm bliss afterwards.


I have incorporated transformational breathing into a daily routine. I will share with you that, over the past month I have suffered some extremely hard emotional times. Today, the day after the Transformational Breathing class, was the first day I was able to begin to heal. There were a couple of other heartwarming stories after that class – one woman who had experiences uneven breathing for years told us that her breathing had equalized on both sides of her chest, and one gentleman who was unable to lay on the floor because of a heart condition, said that he was able to breathe well for the first time his heart problems had started.


This class was an amazing experience for me and it was only ONE of the classes offered by various amazing teachers! There were also great concerts all weekend long.


I’ll definitely be at the next OneYogaUSA Conference – hope you will too!