Change Your Focus / Change Your World

Balancing your inner and outer worlds can get a bit tricky.

Your active participation is required for a perfect match.
Been tangled up in some crazy instances? Feel alone?
Take a look at your life and see if these 9 tools can help YOU!
Because the good news: You get out of life what you put in it.

Tools for shifting focus:

1) Know that no one can create in your experience but you.
No more blaming others for your responses.

2) Replace the question: Why is this happening TO me? with
Why is this happening FOR me? We are always learning.

3) Pan out for a better perspective. Sometimes we’re so close
to a situation that we can’t even see it. Get on the Big Picture.

4) Drop the demanding and use the word preference.

5) Smile!

6) Include meditation in your day – prayer=talking to God
Meditation=listening to God.

7) Shift your focus from anger to gratitude — every time/all day.

8) Be your best parent – to yourSELF.
Do you find that you help yourself or sabotage yourself?
We break our own hearts by breaking promises to ourselves.
We are children in adults’ lives – learning as we go. Be kind.

9) Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Start right now to spend quality
time with yourself. You are so ready.

The world is your mirror.
You want to know what your inner life is like?
Take a look at your living room / car / desk.
Now, use #1-9 above and help yourself out.
The good news: You get out of life what you put in it.