Chicks, kale and yoga, oh my! Spring Equinox 2013… Lisa’s amazing adventures

Bonfire Peach showing off on Spring Solstice with mini daffodils

My day began before sunrise. I woke to my alarm to get my 4th grade daughter up for school, then went outside with my two little dogs, Yaapana (AKA mini dude), the blonde deer Chihuahua and Cherry Flame, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (with the fluffiest feet in the world!). They love, love, love to go out at 5:50AM with me. Today the sky was still dark and I walk in my fuzzy robe, with them out to the chicken coop. The 28 baby chicks are almost 8 weeks old now. They are all huddled together sleepily under the heat lamp, so I snuck in from the outside so as not to freak them out. I slowly opened the tiny door so they can get to the outside of the coop. They begin to arise and the dogs really want to go in. Nope. I get out, close the fence and go look at my budding peach trees and the momma bluebird with sitting on her babies; then come inside. I see she went back to sleep, so my hubby woke her this time. He is leaving very early. He runs a company called The Fish Physician aquarium maintenance, design and installation, so he is off  before dawn today to beat traffic. I make us two tea cups of hot water with 2 drops of this lovely DoTerra lemon essential oil to get the liver cleansed and awaken the day.

I get her out of bed and she gets dressed, then she begins flat ironing her hair. Yesterday she slept in benders, so it was super curly, now not so much. (BTW~ She is a FASHIONISTA, as I was informed yesterday. (And ‘Why don’t you wear your new Mac eyeliner to teach your yoga class, mom, you’re a Fashionista, too. Ot maybe I got that from Mimi, as she always matches.’)

I make a rice cake thick with peanut butter and some honey. I sit with my lemon water and am about to eat it, then decide before I eat I will go outside and  to do a little pranayama on my empty stomach (breath work) and see the sun rise on this lovely equinox! It was getting lighter but the sun still wasn’t up so I came back in to find my food gone! I hear this really, really loud smacking and find that Cherry Flame is having a lot of trouble trying to hide that she ate my peanut butter breakfast. UGH! Again!!!

I check on my daughter, she is STILL flat ironing her hair! Seriously. I tell her it is time to have something for breakfast. She eats organic Fruit Loops style cereal standing up, with soy milk, in the kitchen. I give her 4 Juice Plus chewables for some decent nutrition then I go wake my Freshman son. I turn of his ‘white noise’ fan, tell him that when the alarm goes off to get and immediately get in the shower. He says ok. We hurry in the car to drive up our long white gravel driveway to the street to meet the bus. We miss it, but luckily it circles back and she gets on. The driver is so kind.

I go inside and I’ll be darned if he didn’t turn the freakin’ fan back on and bury his head under the pillow! I get him up, now only 22 minutes until his bus arrives and he is FULL of testosterone this spring morning and ready to fight. I get him into the shower, thank the Lord. I go outside, and it is finally sunrise!!! Yea! I watch the sun, so pretty. Yaapana gets a sudden burst of energy and begins racing around and around the tree and patio, as I encourage him, ‘GO MINI DUDE!!!’ He is so damn CUUUUUTE!

I return inside to check on my son, who is taking a leisurely shower. Do I dare knock and piss him off, do I pick that battle on this lovely Spring day? I am patient, and went instead to make some instant alkaline coffee, so yummy. He comes out of the bathroom and I ask him to get drest quickly so he can eat. He asks me to take him. I say no, its far to the high school and I dont think that is necessary. Just hurry and make the bus. He gets madder. Geez. Then I give him the Juice plus, since he refused to eat. It become a fight. Really? He ate 2 of 4. Ok. Im good with that, and I zoom him up to the street as the bus is coming down. He is so spoiled and has no idea. Ungrateful, but I love him so. He’s my firstborn, and he is pretty cute sometimes. When he wants to be. I back down the drive (I am really good at backing up, BTW) Ding ding ding… look down at the gauge, I am out of gas.

I go back inside. Finally alone! Ahhhh. Now, where’s my coffee? I never made it! Oh man, I need to finalize the newsletter my manager created! It needs to go out for Spring Equinox! I edit it, send it, then look at the clock, Oh my gosh!!! My yoga class starts in 20 minutes and I am still in my robe!!! I get my yoga clothes on, threw on my Mac powder and eyeshadow. Sorry honey, NO EYELINER… this is why I don’t wear it, not that I dont want to… and grab my iPhone. Coffee!!! Really? OK I grab the hot water, dump in the instant coffee, cream and a stevia and a Gluten Free berry bar, then jump in the car. 14 minutes. I rush to the studio and arrive just as one of my regular students is pulling in. 2 minutes to class. I greet her, prop open the door on this lovely spring day, get my iPod set up and mat out. PHEW. Then I enjoy some of my coffee. Ahhhh. I set it by the stereo and thank the Lord again for my timer on the thermostat that heats the studio for me!!! My other students arrive, all a little late. We do some pranayama (I never got to do my practice this morning) I lead them through a fun vinyasa flow for the abs with a core ball and work on arm balances and inversions. SWEATY deliciousness. Super humid today.

After class I get on my computer and do some edits in my studio software and make a phone call to a dear friend. I thought that the Chamber of Commerce meeting was today, and so am rushing to get done by noon. Noon passes, and I blew off the meeting, and then notice it is actually next week. Ah, great! So I finish my phone call, chat about ideas on how I can bond with my son, and decide to take him to a Festival in a Cave with my hubby. It is in May, just before he turns 15. Richard and I are presenting at this festival, OMVibrations, doing Acro Yoga and Chakra Master Class. We will have opportunity to camp and think it is a great idea to bring him as the music lineup is Stellar! I go into my spa and hook up my super awesome alkaline water machine to the faucet!!! IT works! I down a few cups in a row. Ahhhh!!!  A student had a friend that GAVE me a machine FREE for two years until I can buy one!

I finish my computer work and then my student arrives at the studio to clean! Yea! Spring Cleaning! She is on our Work Program an energy exchange for services, a win win! My daughter texts me, she is on the bus coming home. I jump in the car, as to try to meet her. She beats me, but she’s 10, no worries. She wants a friend to come over. That is fine. We chat and go outside to eat a picnic. Well, not really a picnic. McDonald’s. Yes, really. I had stopped by there on the way after she texted me. I reached out to get my change and a huge gust of wind came! $7 flew off like a leaf! I looked at the guy and he looked at me. I was like, well, now what? Then I looked back and the two people behind me are out of their cars trying to help catch it for me! What awesomeness! I get out and we find $2. The $5 is long gone, someone’s lucky day. Then I thank them and head on to meet my daughter.

So… here we are at our picnic in our backyard outside with the waterfall view. We place two chairs in the sun facing west, and relax with her Honey Mustard dipping sauce and my Filet-o-fake-fish. (I forgot to eat today, except for the GF bar.) Oh, and I got a half and half sweet tea. As we get all relaxed, and just then my HUGE dog Ted E. Bear lumbers up and sticks his super wet nose between us, getting us all gross. He is so cute, my 14 year old Golden Retreiver, weighing in at about 130 pounds. He is very over-sized, and about 4″ taller than most goldens. He does not want food. He wants LOOOOVE. More wet noses then we throw some fries to buy some time. We finish our picnic and I swear to myself to make a green smoothie later to balance out this totally unfulfilling lunch.

Soon I have to meet my electrician, we are installing Far Infrared Sauna Heaters this week in the studio!!! I am so stoked! I drove to Houston over Spring Break to meet my other BFF there, pick up the heaters, and drive them back the next day to my studio!

Macho Macho Yoginis | Lisa and Jenny after loading the huge box of far infrared heaters in the SUV headed to Dallas

He measures while my lady finishes cleaning. I asked her to pull everything away from the walls in the lobby and lounge and leave it after cleaning so we can rearrange. My sweet receptionist arrives to help me rearrange. It was in total disarray as the Pilates class began arriving. The electrician finished measuring so the ladies all could get on their mats, as they had no where to wait. They start class as we finish the lobby and lounge. It looks amazing, I must say!

We are wrapping up the mess of the redecoration as my Lifecoaching client arrives. She is doing the 90 Days to Feeling Fit detox and doing an awesome job at the lifestyle adjustments. Every week she is losing weight, tracking her food, making green smoothies, doing yoga, happy and motivated!

I taught my evening class, this series is  7 weeks on the Chakras. We are on week 5 between Lent and Easter, the throat Chakra, Visshudha. This is the communication center, and I focused on sound connected with the asanas, breath and throat/ heart openers. It was really intense, and something really felt like it was wanting to be released. We utilized tools I have learned from a few master teachers combined. Chakra Balancing sun salutations from Anodea Judith; Prana Flow and feeling the energy in the pose from Shiva Rea; Goddess to the Core HA breath from Sierra Bender, Chakra Sounds in Chair pose from Dr. Jeff Migdow. I combined all these into an intuiative class that was really enlightening and fun! After my class we had a new class Total Ripped Body, and there were a few new ladies that came to her class! Yea!

I went home and as I pulled down the drive and got out; I saw the brightest star! I opened my StarWalk app to see what it was. Wow. Amazing. I walked in and my daughter surprised me with two trays of homemade cupcakes with Giradelli Chocolate chips shaped like stars! AND My hubby decided to totally redo the aquarium! Wow! How great! Where was my son? Ah, yes, on my laptop in his bed. Ah, the teenage years…

Lisa’s Green Smoothie | Namaste Ya’ll!

I decided now was the time to make that Green Smoothie! So, I got out all ingredients; the frozen peaches and pineapple, kale, almond milk, peanut butter and chocolate Juice Plus Complete protein powder.

I whipped up that baby while Rich put her to bed. I even threw in some chocolate chips, since they were right there on the counter. The smoothie was so good, exactly what I needed.

Richard | Seriously it is not THAT bad!

My hubby didn’t think it was as good as I did. I had to add a good squirt of agave nectar to his.

Time for my shower, and today is a great day to do an exfoliation. I came out as pink as a baby hamster. Re-Mineralize with Arbonne lotion, then to write my blog. Bedtime, my sweet family is all fast asleep.

Goodnight Equinox.

Until Autumn, Namaste.