Chocolate Peanut Butter Super Committed Green Smoothie

Lisa | Green Smoothie Cheesiness

So I named this one ‘Super Committed’ because I LOVE KALE! Really. I do. I feel so great when I eat it raw, so I love it even more. I crave it. It makes this unexplainable freshness in my body and gives me long lasting energy. I think that is why it tastes so good to me. It just takes commitment…

But it is like the old saying, you have to develop a taste for it. Just like beer. But beer, I still do not like. I can have a bottle and it will sit there by me at a party the entire night, and I will totally forget about it, and then it gets warm and nasty. So, I prefer wine. However this smoothie is ALCOHOL FREE. Feel free to add vodka, just sayin’, make sure it is organic.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Super Committed Green Smoothie


Frozen peaches

Fresh or Frozen Pineapple

Kale, I prefer the large curly Kale, as the baby kale doesnt seem to have the same amount of ‘zest’ that makes me so clear, however if you are starting out, use baby kale, or even spinach, if you are starting on the green smoothie quest

Almond milk

Peanut butter, natural

Chocolate Juice Plus Complete protein powder

Agave Nectar, optional, for starting out, not-so-committed green smoothie drinkers. =-)

Whip it all up in a high powered blender and drink! It is an entire meal and is so delicious. Well, to me at least.

Richard | Over actor? Nah.

Note: Drinking and laughing may cause green smoothie to come out your nose…

Really? Is it really that bad? I think not.

To my hubby, well, not so much. He tried it before the agave nectar and this is what we got, ‘wOW, that is like drinking the garden… wOW…’ (I did put a LOT of kale in it).

You decide. I think it is delicious.