Color Meditation by Louise L Hay

Color Meditation.

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This is a meditation that Louise L Hay led during several talks she did back in the early days. She has not yet published this meditation or recorded it on any of her CDs. She sent it out in her newsletter for her subscribers today.

I’d like to share it with you here:

Now, close your eyes. Relax and take several deep breaths.

Now let your body tension go.

We are going to take a color trip. Climb a mountain of color. During this trip, I want you to be aware of your breathing. Each time you take in a breath, you will be inhaling a color, which will have a definite effect on your body.

We are at the bottom of a mountain, a mountain of color. Here at the bottom of the mountain, everything isRed, the grass, the flowers, the trees and even the air. Each time you inhale you breathe in Red. And as you continue to do this, you feel your energy level pick up. With each Red inhalation, all fears drop away and you have the courage to be yourself. Look around, everything you see is Red. Feel this Red.

All right now. We have vitalized our bodies and we are proceeding up the mountain. As we arrive at the second level, we see that now everything is colored Orange.Breathe in Orange with each inhalation. As this Orange color enters your body, you feel your inhibitions drop away and you become more aware of both your physical vitality and your mental powers. You feel balanced. Everything you see is Orange. Feel this Orange.

Now we climb to the next level. As we arrive, we see that here everything is Yellow. Now we are breathing in Yellow with each inhalation. As you breathe in Yellow, you feel your mind expanding. Sense the freedom gained through the use of your mind. You feel Yellow saturating your body with happiness and a joy of living. Look around, everything you see is Yellow. Feel this yellow.

Now it is time to climb to the next level, and now we feel great peace and tranquility as we enter the Green world. Everything at this level is Green. It is the midpoint in our climb and a time for rest. We are aware that we must alternate activity with rest. Breathe in Green with each inhalation. See the color coming into your lungs. Feel the balance within yourself. The Green is soothing your muscles and relaxing your body and your mind. Everything you see is Green. Feel this Green.

All right. We have rested. And now we climb further and reach the Blue plateau. Everything is blue. We begin to sense eternity. For we have left the valley and our sight has no limitations. We can see both heaven and earth. Breathe in this Blue and feel faith entering your body. The Blue takes away all anxieties as you get a glimpse of true understanding. Everything you see is Blue, feel this Blue.

With this faith within you, we now climb higher and gradually enter the Indigo level. Everything you see has that deep Indigo quality. Breathe in this color and feel your intuitive perception increasing. You are beginning to see the larger picture, beyond the little personal problems, to get a sense of the journey of life. Breathe in the Indigo with each inhalation. Feel this Indigo.

This Indigo breath is filling your body with love—for yourself and for all mankind. For you realize we are all one family.

With this knowledge, we almost float up the mountain reaching the summit. Here we see that everything has turned Violet. As we breathe in this Violet color, we seem to see to eternity. And though it is the unknown, we are not afraid. For we have within us courage, balance, joy, peace, faith, love and understanding. With each Violet breath, feel the understanding of the truth of the Universe filling your very being. Your flaws and your faults drop away and you see yourself as shining perfection. Everything you see is Violet. Feel this Violet.

You are truly one with all life. You know it. You sense it. You feel it. You will carry this with you wherever you go.

Everything we learn, we tuck away in our minds. It is all useful at some time and some place. Today we have all come here for a reason. Let’s take this knowledge with us and put it to use in our own lives.

This is a good day and we rejoice in the joy of living. All right now, let us slowly come back.

~ Love love love ~

Flower of life

I was able to share this with my 15 year old son who is home with a stomach ache and not in school today. I’m thankful for this gift and the time home with him.