Congrats to the Newest Yoga 4 Love Teacher Training Graduates!

The last 6 months creating this 200 hour program with these beautiful souls has been an amazing experience. We’ve spent an entire 7 Days together,  including a Kirtan concert, and intensive, plus many hour vinyasa 301 practices, all being recorded.

Needless to say,  the last week with our retreat and intensive has been intense. We spent countless hours last winter and spring online together teaching and learning Y4L Modules 1 to 5.

I am very thankful for this group of amazing yoginis to have dedicated their time, talent, finances, and intention to see this global teacher training come alive!

This has been my vision for quite some time, to bring this vinyasa  program to the world.  Since the inception of One Yoga USA in 2011, teaching the true lineage of vinyasa Yoga from our guru and master Krishnamacharya.

I am so pleased that all of this information is now printed and downloadable in my manual, recorded on audio and video soon available to my students. I will finish writing all this amazing information into a concise and clear form for generations to enjoy. This is just the beginning!

This training is available for you to start this year with the next class in September of 2015! Every Y4L Training Program consists of 5 modules, an intensive, audio and live video classes with me. To complete your training you will enjoy a lovely retreat with a faculty guest teacher from our Ine Yoga USA program. Followed by a week-long intensive to deepen your study and in embody the practice.

Upon completion of all of the required reading, practice hours and homework, and a final test co coteaching your fellow students, you will receive your certification! The remaining students in this class will complete their certification in the winter retreat of 2015.

I feel like a proud momma!

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