Construction, Digging, Puppies + Easter Blessings

Yes! The 3/4 bathroom is finished in the cabin! Now we just need to have a painting party! And then we can put the flooring down!

They finished up taping and bed the ceiling and the bath and hubby’s man cave room!

On the property we were able to finally utilize this beautiful weather to get tons of heavy equipment out here and bulldozers a nice covert to redirect all the water away from the house and cabin. We also installed a completely new aerobic septic system and connected the cabin. We had several large pieces of equipment that were operated, trimming the trees and grading the land to keep water run off away from the cabin. Next, we will add crushed concrete to create a nice driveway and mushroom compost on top of all the dirt, then throw out some (a lot) of grass seed! We are looking forward to green pastures ahead!

The puppies are growing and they are so totally adorable.  They were born in the new house a few days aftet we moved in on 3/19/15. What a blessing!

We had our first Easter celebration at the new house and had over 30 family members and friends. Kids from 18 mo to 18 doing an egg hunt and pinata. Then I received a 95 year old antique dining set from my sister and bro in love. We moved it in just in time for the festivities. My mother in law gifted me with all of her crystal & I received back from the restoration company some of my table linens from my mom and Nana. It was a beautiful day.

God is good. Through this fire we have opened a pathway for blessings to be given abd received. I’m so honored Spirit chose me for this path. I’m excited to see what’s in store in the future for this sacred land.

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