Next Steps + Internship

200 Hour + Optional Internship:

Graduate at a Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Retreat or graduate online!
Retreats are held annually at the Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin and on destinations, varying annually.

After graduation, and all hours for the course are complete you may elect to deepen your experience and move on to internship. This is an optional path yet if you plan to teach at the 200 Hour RYT level it is required. The hours are described below and the internship for each student is personalized with you and your Director.

16 hours Student Assisting, 16 hours Student Teaching, Demo and 50 hours Internship:
This portion of the training is optional, and only recommended if student desires to move forward with becoming a Y4L Director and/or wanting to register with Yoga Alliance. These are all hands on hours with an approved Y4L 500 Hour Faculty Director or a Y4L pre-approved School.

300 Hour Training + Internship

200 Hour Graduates, you may choose to enroll in the 300 Hour Advanced Training to achieve your 500 RYT:

10 Modules with Syllabus, assignments and a deep, personalized study. You complete Modules 1-6 then choose 4 additional specialty modules! Internship is 50 hours in addition to above listed in 200 hour plus additional opportunities to assist in: SEVA/admin/yoga business marketing. If you are in Texas you intern at Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin. If you are not in Texas you may apply to intern at a local approved studio. Contact your Director to set this up.

  • Community and Karma yoga
  • Festivals
  • Conferences
  • Teacher Trainings and Workshops with Director
  • Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Retreats, Reiki 1 and 2.

Next Steps:


In addition, for those that are intending to go deeper into serving others and teaching as a profession, we offer to our 300 Hour graduates an opportunity to become Y4L Faculty as a Director! Train to learn how to teach your own students! If you desire to teach others, serve your community, build a student base and then begin to share, we want to offer you this opportunity.

If you are already a 500 Hour or 1000 Hour teacher we invite you to interview!
As an approved Y4L Director you may begin to offer the teachings of the Y4L online 200 hour program to YOUR students, and oversee their walk through the modules, learn the business of yoga and create a sustainable income!

Learn the Business of Yoga as an Entrepreneur in a proven path, mentored by Lisa Ware and MAKE MONEY!

In addition to serving others you will make commission and create a stream of income for yourself and your family! We are open to interviewing qualified professional 500 Hour Teachers in the Directorship position. If this resonates with you, please schedule an interview today!


If student desires to become A Y4L DIRECTOR and/or become registered with Yoga Alliance:

  • Graduate may apply online for 200 or 500 RYT with our school, One Yoga USA Advanced Training Programs.
  • To be approved to apply for YA or to become a Y4L Director the trainee must complete all required training and complete additional hands on hours. This is a minimum 16 hours each in:
    • SEVA Yoga (Karma Yoga/community free classes)
    • student teaching
    • demo/assisting hours
    • Y4L mentorship/internship with a Y4L Director
  • Yoga Alliance registration is totally optional, and definitely not required.

You may apply to be approved by our school on Yoga Alliance for your ‘200RYT’ or ‘500 RYT’ accreditation paperwork. This application may be submitted online upon completion of the 200 or 300 Hour Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Online requirements.
More importantly, many studios will want to interview you and ask about your accreditation; at Y4L we have an open door policy, and we gladly offer an opportunity to have them email or get in contact with your Director for a good, solid referral!


Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs + One Yoga USA Advanced Training Programs are a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance:
RYS 200 (200 RYT, 200 E-RYT)
RYS 300 (500 RYT)
RYS 1000 (500 E-RYT, 1000 RYT)