Day 1 #solsticegratitude

Gratitude Journal


Day 1


I’m on SPI with Rich and our 15 year old son. Our 10 year old daughter is in Canada on her choir tour with SWCC. I’m grateful for being a mother and for my husband. I’m grateful for Carolyn and Joes generosity letting is stay in the condo every summer. I’m grateful to be mat the ocean. I’m happy to be alive and so thankful for my good health. I’m a very blessed woman! I’m so happy!

Rich and I are teaching at a local studio whole were here. He is teaching this morning and Stoy will begin his very own, kinda forced, yoga practice today. I’m so glad to have some alone time with our 15 year old boy! This is so rare. No computer games the week.

Then were going to play for the rest of the day!