Die To Be Collected then Respected

“Now that I am Collected”

Plastic Jesus Never Stop Dreaming

Plastic Jesus Never Stop Dreaming

To be collected is like filing a void.
Imagine the line to a rail
or a bowl filled with cloudy dreams,
the first rush,
sweaty upper lip,
“I can conquer the world feeling”,
happy drunk
elated with a feeling of ecstasy
accomplishing something that most said you would never do.
Being “Collected” is a true thrill.
High like no other.

This blog allows me to continue being a student in this mysterious universe.

At first this seemed like a dream come true,
my greatest master piece yet beside my child.

Let Me Take You Back to make sense of Now and Here…

In my twenties I tortured myself in the Hollywood hills running like a rock star,
Killing the celebrity scene which I ran from over 10 years ago.

Evolved now into celestial being, thirty seven
Even though extremely talented and successful then.
I murdered my dreams when I became overwhelmed mixing business with pleasure.
Just A Frightened little girl that Waas given celebrity status before I knew how to achieve.
Plus the dark hole in my heart that still existed.
Searching for something greater than even hollywood could give me.

At twenty-five years old I Waas forever changed by the couture fashion world.
I moved back to Texas. Then my true story of being a mom, artist, celebrity hair & makeup artist, gallerist, creator and believer in my own right began.

Respecting myself I had to go back to my first intention.
Not giving a fuck what everyone else is doing.
Still being aware but certainly not abiding by it.

No competing,
no running to the finish line,
consciousness thru the ARTS.
I am here to be apart of the great awakening
and to sell the most collectable art there is or can be.

A renovation, expansion, and new partnership helped bring some of the most respected contemporary street artist in the world.

“Aersol Artist” as they say now hoping to stray from the negative connotation “Graffitti”
I believe we went thru over 60 Artist.
Hand Selected and Curated with consideration of status and need for visibility in new markets like Texas.

To Show In Dallas at WAAS is
“Not Waiting For Permission”
Giving Dallas more of what it needs and not just what it knows.

Timing Waas just right, of course.
Life then became my own roller coaster.
Months and months juggling
no’s, yes’s, maybe’s, schedule conflicts, already working on sole exhibitions,
drop outs,
no shows,
new partnerships,
got to be extremely tactful. Plus being auto immune my body waas in no mood for playing games.

I appreciate and show gratitude to every international and local artists in this exhibition.
Truth be known this exhibition almost killed me.
I have been immersed by “Collect Respect”
and some how my whole other life became secondary…..on pause.

I want to be thriving for the arts
and instead I started dying for the arts.
Doing whatever it took,
suffering in every way, bending, working against ethics,
even allowed my child to do without me.
This is my truth and only my truth.

What kind of parent had I become.
Much like my father, a work-aholic struggling to be everything to everyone and nothing to myself anymore.

Oh but the beauty is in all the choas, struggle, hurt, unknown, and different parts of the universe connecting as one.
I have grown and look up to Eddie Donaldson, Guerilla One.
The things he allowed me to see and make happen.
A Dream.
This experience in our business was like no other.
I learned more about myself than I ever thought I could.
I was inspired by those around me.

Collect Respect, what a distinguished group of artist each owning an ability to master their work on many different levels in many different mediums.
Working with legends like Jim Evans a.k.a. TAZ.

JIM EVANS Explores Dallas Transit History

JIM EVANS Explores Dallas Transit History

Ryan The Restitution Press

Ryan On the Real TX

Ryan On the Real TX for West Coast To Wild West


French artist Sebastian Walker, The Seventh Letter crew member understanding how Americans love a story.

The Seventh Letter Memeber

Sebastien Walker member of The Seventh Letter at WAAS

Sebastien Walker  Hit the Bull on the Head and brought the Rumble

Sebastien Walker
Hit the Bull on the Head and brought the Rumble

Collect Respect

Waas beyond any dreams or vision I had seen shown to me.

Educating Dallas with need and Opening with Care.

A real Art Scene for Me

Remains to Be Seen HERE

This exhibition started giving me the ability to see how I can still too be my worst enemy.
Struggled with no sleep, anxieties, pressures to still do more (even thou every one says “Brandy, You Are Doing Great Things”), unwanting emotions, great expectations, accountability, negativity becoming positive discussions.
This is my most brilliant piece of my work……a cultural movement, a wake up because I am #here Dallas.

Gregory Siff and  I are HERE



Now I have some new boundaries and reminding myself motherhood, my health, and metal health come first.
Even thou I was willing to die for any of these artist the truth be asked
“Why…..they wouldn’t die for me”.
Hell it was a struggle just because they don’t know me, to trust me and respect what I am trying to do for us all as a movement, culture, need, and Art that just DOESN’T really exitst here yet.

but hey
that is OK
I have become a better mother, galleriest, art agent, curator, humanitarian, artist, and reminder of how Art Saves Lives.

What doesn’t kill you

My truth Makes Me Stronger

Knowledge and Search for Our True selves is Power.

Come See “Collect Respect” On Exhibition at WAAS Gallery till October 18th then availalble on our New Showroom located across from the Gallery.


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