Tree Yoga with Richard Ware

June 4, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin
116 Water Street Ovilla Tx 75154
$19 per person, $15 when registered a week early! Save $4! $19 day of the event.
Lisa Ware
Curious? Try this fun, exhilirating and therapeutic practice for yourself! Richard Ware will lead us through all the FUNdamentals of this practice, and Lisa will be assisting. Space is very limited. We have a limited number of tree yoga straps so please enroll early! 
Bring a snack to share for grounding after the class!
TreeYoga is a way to take your yoga practice into nature. Whether you are just beginning, or you’ve been doing it for years, TreeYoga invites you to re-connect with nature, and to open your body to new depths with the strongest, most beautiful stretching partner you can find. In almost any Tree, almost any park, this unique, wonderful addition to your fitness routine will take you back to your happiest moments from childhood, and forward into a longer, stronger, healthier future.


TreeYoga™ is a fun, challenging, exhilarating way to take your yoga practice out of the living room, gym, or studio and back into nature, where yoga began. (Why do you think so many postures are named after animals, trees, and planetary bodies?)
Smaller than a yoga mat, less expensive than virtual reality game, and way more fun, the TreeYoga Multi-Slings allow you to breathe real oxygen, fresh from the trees that create it, while you strengthen and stretch and open your body with one of the strongest, most inspiring yoga partners you can find.
Remember the feeling of your bare feet on dewy grass? Remember the strength of branches you dangled from as a child? Remember playing outdoors?
Come join our fun  community of yogis. See you in the trees!
$15 per person when registered online! Save $5! 
$20 day of the event.
Spaces in this fun outdoor class are very limited! Reserve today if you want to attend!