Yoga 101~ Hot Energizing Flow All levels

Yoga 101~ Hot Energizing Flow All levels
In-Studio Yoga Class

Yoga4Love Studio Cabin
Ovilla, Texas

July 1, 20179:00 am
July 1, 201710:00 am

60 minutes. Beginner, all levels

This class is in a studio with Hot Far Infrared, a soothing indirect heat, with controlled humidity. So refreshing!

Come and enjoy a great start to your weekend with a refreshing and challenging yoga class. Vinyasa is the style of moving with breath and a strong sequence designed to connect to your Divine energy! Amped up by some great music we flow, twist, balance and rest. At the end of each practice we finish in Savasana, a final relaxation with optional essential oils.

See you on the mat! Namaste.