Fall Equinox + Global Mala 2012


Practicing sun salutations outside with my focus on the sun, the change of seasons and nature is extremely powerful. It resets us to the rhythms if life. Watching the sun rise or set, hearing the birds, listening to the breath is so healing. Global Mala is 108 rounds of sun salutations. Shiva Rea holds a live call annually to join in the practice with thousands of yogis across the globe. You can also hold intention on your heart and practice solo.
I like to use rocks or favorite items to keep count. This helps to retain the meditative state so you don’t have to remember to count. You can do 4 cycles of 27 or 3 cycles of 36 or two cycles of 54. It is literally a moving meditation.
I practice outdoor by the limestone canyon and the waterfall. This location is such a blessing. I enjoy bringing my dogs outside with me and listening to them play and swim while I practice. This practice is so healing the mind body and spirit I encourage you to try it even if it’s just for 27 rounds.

The Fall Equinox is Saturday, September 22 at 8:49 AM Mountain Daylight Time.

This is a good opportunity to do a ritual or ceremony to honor something you are changing and releasing; Something that comes from an old pattern from the past that still triggers and runs you. Choose something that you have been working on this month, something that has triggered you and sent you into reaction and work with it. It should also be something that you have identified as being in the way of moving forward and taking action. Ritualize it or symbolize it through writing or drawing, or choose an object to represent it; burn, bury or destroy it, and then most importantly allow a new vision, energy and intention to fill you up. It is powerful to do something like this in a group, but at the least, do it yourself.

This is a powerful time of transition. Not only are we on the heels of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction, but many other astrological influences are forcing change. It is truly a powerful time. and you can either go kicking and screaming or you can enjoy the process. We suggest you enjoy it and be amused at the outrageousness of the times, the behavior, the opportunities and the challenges!


Much is happening so quick in our inner and outer worlds and yet, we are, as I am told, going to move into some profound times. If you have been walking and working your path of inner unfoldment then you can expect even more to show up. If you are wondering when it something gonna happen to you, then you can be assured your awareness will increase as well.

We each are at different awarenesses on this path, yet collectively at our highest level, we are moving forward into grand unfoldment of a new way of being.

As we approach this now final countdown to a shift in consciousness, a shift in the frequency of Mother Earth.
Renee Snyder

Shiva Rea writes:
Create your own ritual including:

1) seed intentions – choose one to three clear seed intentions for this cycle of rebirth through the equinox – solstice and the holidays and moons in-between. May your intentions be clear and fruitful.
2) let go – choose something tangible in thought, speech, our actions to let go of for 108 days till Jan. 1st. It can be simple but is practiced every day.
3) receive – cultivate one quality or action in thought, word or deed that heals, nourishes, grows and evolves
4) meditation with 108 (japa or yoga mala, or your choice)
5) sacred space and sangha (spiritual community) to anchor

The New Moon is an auspicious time to begin new cycles and Ganesh Chaturthi is so close this year to the Fall Equinox that it is a wonderful time to realign oneself with the greater earth changes. If you choose, allow the above anchors to be activated by the ten day festival to Ganesh which begins around the new moon on Sept. 19th – 28th. With the Global Mala, Equinox, High Holidays and full moon connected around that time it is wonderful to bring auspiciousness into this creative cycle to be a spark for all of humanity.

My Intention for the next 108 days;

September 15 through January 1, 2013

I am grounded. I receive energy in the form of cash, checks and credit cards. I am stable. I am secure. All needs for my business, family and home are met and extra is leftover. I have an abundant monetary savings accumulated.

I am consistently keeping focus on my priorities of Spirit, family then career. I am totally grounded and all is well in my world.