Fasting for Lent, a Spiritual Journey with my son Palm Sunday in the Desert

Hi everyone! Happy New Moon! Can you feel the JOY???
So much has been happening in my life spiritually! I was on a 46 Day raw food fast til sundown for Lent then went on a trip to the desert in Arizona snd flew my son up after to go to view a college. We were in themiddle of the desert and we stopped at an overlook. I t was beautiful. We looked across the highway and saw a sign “Holy Ground 3.2 mi.” So our spiritual adventure begins! We were so blessed and had an amazing sacred experience on the Apache land on Spring Eqinox and Palm Sunday!
The next week I was in meditaition and reading Ram Dass. The journey I recieved was totally amazing and enlightening! This last Friday I was back I got to sit in meditation with Max the Crystal Skull.
On top of all this amazingness my nutrition team is exploding, we are making a difference in the world sharing healthy living and teaching youth how to eat whole foods! Back to the basics and we are having so much fun doing it! I feel grateful every day for the serendipitous moments, the intertwined journey, my passion for living out loud and the people in my life.