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Born from a love of tattoos, rock ‘n’ roll, and all things retro,  I founded Femme Metale “sterling silver that rocks” in January of 2000.  As founder and designer, the collection reflects my many and varied inspirations. As an avid fan of everything tattoo-related, many of my designs are inspired by old school tattoo flash. Pop culture, Victorian art, vintage jewelry, flora and fauna, and Old World heraldry also play a big part in my designs.  I have used old bubble gum charms, swizzle sticks, childhood toys and a variety of other sources as inspiration. You name it and I could very possibly be inspired.

necklaces_sm_24 Each piece is made of .925 sterling silver, is hand cast in limited numbers, and I do all the assembly myself in my studio.

The line is feisty, flirty and edgy and appeals to all types of women, regardless of their age. My 96 year old grandmother wore some of my pieces and my mother has a large collection of my jewelry.  I like to say I have something in my collection for everyone. It isn’t only women who can rock Femme Metale, the line includes several pieces just for men. Jewelry should be fun – an outward expression of an individual’s personality.

Now, over ten years after its founding, Femme Metale is well established in the contemporary jewelry market.  It’s couture and fine jewelry collection supplement a rocking variety of necklaces, bracelets, funky charms and rings. Although most of my line is strictly sterling silver, In tend to mix it up a bit by incorporating semi-precious stones, cubic zirconium or Swarovski crystals into some of my pieces.

gemstone_rings_sm In addition to my sterling silver, I offer custom cast pieces in 14k gold, diamonds and other precious stones for those seeking a more upscale twist to the line. My sterling silver collection ranges in price from $50.00 to $400.00 while the fine jewelry runs from $7000.00 to $12000.00.

As the first jewelry line to incorporate tattoo flash into wearable art, I have been a trail blazer in jewelry design. Always the original, but often imitated, Femme Metale is part of a lifestyle for the people who wear and collect my pieces. With an especially strong following in the Rockabilly, Tattoo and Pin Up communities Femme Metale is the go to jewelry line for those in the know!

A few of my celebrity clients are Sheryl Crow, Kate Moss, Kat Von D, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Miranda Lambert, The Divas Of The WWE and Lorenzo Lamas.

My jewelry has been seen on America’s Top Model, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Femme Metale has also rocked the pages of Lucky Magazine, ElleGirl, 944, Cosmopolitan, Genlux, Gothic Beauty, Inked, Tattooes For Women and Italian Vogue.

You can shop my entire collection at: www.femmemetale.com


Femme Metale Jewelry Celebrity Clients:

Christina Aguilera, Kate Moss, Sheryl Crow, Kat Von D, Brittany Murphy, Avril Lavigne, Angelina Jolie, and the Divas of the WWE, to name a few. A darling of the press, Femme Metale has been featured in the following top publications: Teen Vogue, Cosmo Girl, ELLEgirl, Lucky, Cosmopolitan, J-14, Vogue Italia, W, Vibe, Lemonade, In Style and many more. Femme Metale jewelry has appeared on America’s Next Top Model, Miami Ink, L.A. Ink, The House Bunny Movie, The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Orange County, Dante’s Cove and many other feature films and television shows.

Makeup Clients:

Miller / Coors
World Wrestling Entertainment
Art Photographer Justice Howard
One Source Talent
Femme Metale
Kitsch ‘n’ Kouture
Underground Hound
Amanda Gift
Pond Of Anaheim
Medieval Times
Interscope Records
So let’s dance a bit
Regal Ware
Healthcare Partners

Jet Jam

KCAL Channel 9 News

Sessions Magazine Cover #4

NHL MVP Corey Perry

WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE Smackdown

Mickey’s Beer 2010: Campaign

WWE Summer Slam: TV

WWE Summer Skin

WWE Diva search 2006

VENÜ MAGAZINE arts/culture/style

Femme Metale: Video & Marketing

Kitsch ‘n’ Kouture: Marketing


Makeup Resume:

Ed Grier: Disney President Head Shot

Upper Deck Featuring Julie Foudy Olympic Gold Medalist

Ice Cube “Death Certificate”: Album

Scareface “The Untouchable”: Album

Disney Youth Musicians: Poster

Bleeding Vegas: Feature Film

Pond Of Anaheim: Brochure

Medieval Times: Advertising Materials

So let’s dance a bit: Infomercial

Regal Ware: Infomercial

WWE Diva search 2005

Soulful Divas: All 5 Album Set

Sepultura: “Arise” Music Video

MSG: “Never Ending Nightmare” Music Video

Ozzy Osbourne: “Bombers” Music Video

Sacred Reich: “The American Way” Music Video

Contraband: “All the way from Memphis” Music Video

LA Guns: “Never Enough” Music Video

Robust Entertainment: “Blowin’ Smoke” Video

Happy 50th Birthday Bikini: Video

Legs Diamond: “I am for you” Music Video