Finding Happiness Under the Blue Full Moon

Full Blue Moon

I encourage you to take time today to find your greater sense of purpose and bring yourself into the vibration and feeling of GRATITUDE! I am blessed that I could get brand new brakes on my 12 year old PT Cruiser and that I have good (enough) credit to pay for it yesterday. AND that I dont have a car payment… Brakes are much less than a new car! Still on the path to financial freedom…
I had a moment yesterday when I was really upset about using credit to pay for my brakes and let it get to me, but then I remembered to bring myself BACK into a place where I was thankful. Then I taught a KICK ASS hot Vinyasa under the full moon and it BLEW our hearts OPEN WIDE!

I so love this practice of yoga.

I am grateful for YOU! Namaste.

Lisa =-)