Finding Your Inner Goddess

“Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  ~Marianne Williamson

We are shifting into a New Age – our energies are shifting.  The new challenge is not in “efforting”, but in making the decision to expand our consciousness / “wake up”.  Up-lifting the consciousness dissolves suffering.  This energy shift occurs first within each of us.

Although the heart has been represented as where we house our feelings, the heart chakra actually contains yin and yang energies.  Yang (masculine) is focused attention.  Yin (feminine) diffuses awareness.  Your heart is intuition and taps into your cosmic computer.  It may not seem rational, but it’s far more accurate and precise than any rational thought.

The mind has ruled and as we make conscious contact with the Divine Feminine, there is a gentle move from the mind to the heart.  When our heart system is open to us, we can bring our mind into our heart and work with wisdom.  Wisdom – not knowledge – is the great Feminine (being able to see beyond rationality and from there, do what is best for EVERYONE).  Instead of creating ourselves, we create a world where our Self / Inner Goddess feels inclined to come out.

Our daily life seems to drown out our inner reality.  Silence DRAWS it out. We are nothing without our Mother Board and  returning to our feminine heart energy is a sort of intimate “defragging”.

Living from our heart space, our Inner Goddess demands that we think outside the box – the old ways are no longer effective.  The mind is returning to the heart.  It is time.  Focus on your heart.  This is not an intentional connection as much as a remembrance of home.  We ARE connected and we’ve just forgotten.  Surrender is of the Divine Feminine.  We surrender to our heart.  Surrender holds the highest power – not in an effort to control, but through the strength to let go.  The essence of feeling and knowing is taking the mind back to its spiritual resting place (an organic “re-boot”) restoring balance between mind and heart (the visible and the invisible).

Scientists can tell you where the brain is but can’t place the mind.
The same is true of the Inner Goddess – our Divine Feminine / our Power.  It is said that you can’t really relax until you’re “awake”.  Take some time each day to surrender in the silence.

~ Big Love from The Spin Goddess

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