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Do you want to start a new wellness nutrition program with me Sundays? I really would like your feedback. It is all whole food based, the only cost is whole foods. See the Getting Started Phase 1~ 90 Days to Feeling Fit, then the 90 Days to Feeling Fit agenda 2013. If it looks like a plan you may do with me login to the download page and read the overview.

If you add yourself to the email signup we will include you in the support emails, too! (form on the 90 Days to Feeling Fit Nutrition page )

If this resonates with you email me. I have the entire program password protected so don’t share it… the password is given after you commit to the plan with us!

We are holding meetings live in studio and via conference calls, which take place weekly! Please join us!

Sundays 2:30 CST


Access Code: 322787

We are so excited about this new program and can not wait to share it with you!