From Cow Pies to Cupcakes

The universe has many interesting ways of waking us up. We are so busy navigating our way through the landmine of cow pies; often times we overlook the cupcake potential.

 That was the case when I had yet another setback on the road to global reach and expanding the brand. As an author, lifestyle coach, inspirational speaker, blogger, online radio personality, and mom, there is no shortage of things to keep me busy. YET there is a huge shortage of things that get me paid!

As an independent author, the bright lights of the major publishing houses have been calling my name since I could hold a pen. In my slumber, Simon and Schuster and Hay House dance around me as I stand in the middle waving my book around praying for an opportunity to show my stuff.

BUT it’s a secret society and all that is required is—a literary agent!

Knowing my material is amazingly progressive, necessary, and timely I set to the work of querying agents that specialized in my kind of work. I stepped out into the shark tank in a meat bikini and got eaten alive!

Well, maybe not eaten alive; actually it was one rejection letter, but it was that one rejection letter that had me spinning into an abyss of ‘why try, and what’s the meaning!’

See I am absolutely certain that I am on path and pursuing my life purpose. So as I navigate through various inspirations without success, I am left feeling defeated and like I am spinning my wheels and wasting valuable ‘go get a real job time’.

Too often when we find ourselves seeking a dream before we even can give it the old college try we are dosed with kickback instead of the reception we envisioned. It doesn’t help that you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach that has been there your entire life leaving you feeling unaccomplished until you accomplish this calling!

So why aren’t the doors just-a-flying open?! Is this a trick from the divine? Am I on Punked-where’s the video cameras?

That’s how I felt as I navigate my way through this minefield of cow pies! As my stiletto seems to sink even deeper into the pile I wonder what all this is for. As I pondered hanging up my writing tools and brushing up my resume this is what came to me.

When we are inspired to bring forth a vision, it is something that is birthed within us. That is why we experience that pulling within our womb-or solar plexus. The solar plexus is the birth place of our personal power and self-confidence. The solar plexus is where the pull for fulfillment is housed and that is that little burning sensation within the depths of your being that begs to be satisfied or drive you bananas!

But if we are called to bring forth this vision why is it so dang hard?! That is what I found myself asking that faithful rejection letter night. And what flashed before my mental eye was:

Experience= Wisdom

 For me, my platform is inspiring people to give into that insistent pulling and step within purpose. I teach my clients to not be afraid or apologetic for being a strong force of independent entrepreneurship.

But with that calling, that yearning within the pit of my being, comes great responsibility and great wisdom.

In life, we go through various experiences to gain wisdom. Whatever we set our sights on, be it motherhood, relationships, health awareness, or entrepreneurship. If you focus in enough, you will find that the moment you set your mind on achieving a hearts desire-that inner pulling- you begin to experience the trials associated with it.

You have to experience the trials so that you have the wisdom to stand strong in knowing you know your stuff!

In my case, I have the wisdom of knowing my stuff because I have walked away from security and fought for my independence! Because I have the experiences of the ups and the downs, the receptions and the rejections, I can boldly teach my clients how to watch for the cow pies and continue to seek the cupcakes.

If this journey were a cake walk then our castles would crumble like Oreo cookie topping the moment it’s faced with adversity. If we only had cake we can only teach the cake experience. But, if we are fortunate to have the journey that takes us over the river and through the woods, we know that upon arriving at Grandmothers house there will be fresh baked cupcakes waiting!

If we are fortunate to have the no’s then it makes the yes’ sweet as butter cream icing-my favorite!

The victory, the destination, the perseverance, the work is all for purpose. It builds our character and strengthens our platform. We get knocked down but we get up with the lessons. Keep pushing to satisfy that yearning, which is your internal navigation system telling you, you are on path.

Like that dude Journey said, ‘Don’t stop believing’, unless your dream is stupid, than get a better dream- ‘A Pep-talk’ by Kid President

cow cupcakes

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