Full Moon Afffirmation My Vision for the Future Yoga 4 Love Retreat Center on the Waterfall

Greetings and Happy Full Moon!

It is time for coming into a place of Gratitude and Purpose.  As you may be aware of, on Labor Day, 9/1/14 our home burned. We are working daily to create beauty out of the destruction and chaos. As a dear friend reminded me, all I say is an affirmation. So here is mine ‘This process is part of the Great Divine Plan to receiving our Dream Home! I feel blessed.’

What is your affirmation for this Full Moon?

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Since this so-called tragedy I now have a much clearer vision or the new beginning of the Yoga 4 Love Retreat Center. We will be moving the studio to the property!
I am very excited about this move, and for the intrem we will be renting a small house next door to our property below:

This vision is getting clearer as we are rebuilding our home. We are able to now design the home of our dreams! We are turning the fire damaged garage to a totally new master suite, master bath and closet with tornado shelter!

Our son is getting our old master and he is now getting to design his own shower and closet! My daughter is receiving a walk in closet and designer shower, custom sink and her own sun tunnel skylight.

I am getting to FINALLY have a new kitchen, as I have loved my old one, but it was SOOOO not functional. OMGoddess It was built in 1978 and I was so happy to come back from Memphis Leadership Conference and see it was totally torn out!! They took the home down to the exterior walls and now are building from the ground up! Here are the latest plans from my AWESOME friend Sue, who is an architect and she is doing all this work for me because she loves me and I love her <3

warehouse carport inc

The front door faces North and the waterfall is to the south.

I see the new Yoga 4 Love studio in the current space of the carport and it will face south, so perfect for a deck and outdoor yoga!

Would you like to help us create this vision? All it will take is 25K

We would love to make this happen. Please look here for our photos on my Google Plus Lisa Ware page.

A lot is also posted publicly on my FaceBook page and videos from 9/1/14 from the actual fire.

Thank you for holding me in the light during this transitional period. It is not easy dealing with all the paperwork, finances, loss and so so many decisions.

Peace, Love + Light,