Full Moon Connection with the Chakras

native american woman full moon

Today is the Full Moon, and I am a moon-lover. I walked outside at 5:50AM with my little dogs, and was awestruck. The moon was very low in the west sky and so brilliant. My chihuahua took this moment as a opportunity to run away, the little turkey! I really wanted to do some backbends and heart openers but instead found myself freezing, looking for my pooch. When I found him we snuggled back in bed, and I had some vivid dream journeys.


Yaapana | AKA Mini Dude

I have had many yoga students struggling with the balance between moving forward into this new age, in this Age of Aquarius, and letting go of the old ways, the linear, yang ways. It is a new way of dealing with what is coming up in our lives, in our yoga practices and our life on and off the mat. As we develop this new skill set, in tune with the Goddess Yin energy of this era, we also must learn to surrender, to let go and be totally in the flow. Whether the grip of fear, failure or past hurts comes up, we now must step back, breathe and let it flow, regulating our reactions. The butterfly effect is at it’s finest right now. Watch our words, actions and most importantly watch our thoughts and intentions, as things are manifested so quickly now. It takes one fleeting thought to cause the ripple effects, and that is up to us to decide whether each thought we create is a positive or a negative effect on ourselves, our families and the planet.

The Ajna chakra is focused on this thought life, this intention, as we then in turn bring it from our Source, down to our throat chakra, vissudha. This is where we begin to speak our thoughts and the first form of manifestation in this earthly plane. Now, the work comes in to bring all our desires and dreams into our heart.


The vibration of LOVE is faster than light, faster than sound,

as yoga teacher Bryan Kest said in a master class I took right after my mother crossed over. This is one of the greatest truths. After we bring our dreams into our heart and have shared them with the world with our voices, we are ready to manifest them into reality. This is the physical plane, manipura chakra, the agni or fire center. We must then burn the fuel to bring it from our heart, WORK! We can live in our dreams, but without true old fashioned work we will simply be living in a false world in our heads. As a Vata (Ayurvedic talk) I am all too familiar with living on ‘Cloud 9’.

I have been working with my meditation and Earth energy to really bring all I have created DOWN into the physical realm. We have planted seeds, watered them, not it is time to let it bear fruit! Prepare the soil, literally, in your life. Weed your life from negativity, clear your home from clutter and prepare to receive all the wonderful blessings Our Creator has in store for you!!!

Using the fire of the solar plexus, connect that to the creativity and passion of the Sacral chakra, Svadhisthana. This is the ability to GO WITH THE FLOW in life! The water element resides here, just below the naval, our sexual organs and our choice to be a male or a female. Connect to this passion with your goals!

As we ground the excess fire with water, as water always flows down, through the crevices and cracks, into the earth. We must cler all those cracks and crevices of anything that is holding us back from totally receiving. A major key to being able to receive is to keep giving, staying in this beautiful ebb and flow. Totally bring the dreams and desires down and secure them to the Earth. This is Muladhara chakra, groundedness, stability, solidity. Pure manifestation. The best way I know how to do this is through meditation. After some time the answers will come to you like a rose bud beginning to blossom. It is a slow and steady process, listening, looking at coincidences that are serendipitous,  seeing the world out of the paradigm of reality that we are accustomed to. Soon enough you will begin to see the world and begin to share this light, as the rose unfolds in your heart.


Listen. Receive. Believe.

Much like the Equinox, this is a  great time to celebrate be social, share a good time, let in more light, and have fun! It is a time where a higher emotional experience of beauty, inspiration, hope, gratitude, thanks and appreciation are not only possible but hard to avoid. If you are not experiencing life this way, you should investigate and question where you are, what you are doing and who you are with. We are in the thick of a great productive energy cycle that requires balance to really take advantage of it. Balancing the qualities of giving and receiving, the masculine and the feminine, doing and being, earth and sky energies, social and alone time, are all important at this time. Look to your body for clues as to where you may need some work; right side masculine, left side feminine. This is a very good time for some deep tissue massage, body work and acupuncture. (1)

It’s the first Full Moon of Spring, although in many locations, this Moon arrives between the seasons. As snows melt and chlorophyll rushes up to green the grass, earthworm castings begin to appear everywhere; this draws the robins, the plump and friendliest of backyard birds. It’s a time for leaping forward and for clearing any remaining cobwebs, for releasing what doesn’t serve your future growth.

Take note of where you are in your Full Moon transition dance. Are you preparing the ground? Or are you still in need of rest and rejuvenation? Maybe you’re fully into the great awakening, already leaning forward with new purpose. Be grateful for the authenticity and perfection of your process. You’re in exactly the right place for you now. You’ve endured a long winter of chill air and slowed activity. Perhaps you’ve discovered new ways to be more patient with yourself, to be kinder too. If you’ve been desiring a breakthrough, but haven’t received it yet, it could be just around the corner.

To celebrate your bright or gradual awakening, prepare some ground and make an offering. Give a gift to the earth of your favorite plant or tree. Leave something harmless and shiny out on the grass or in the crook of a tree for Crow to discover. Get down on your knees and caress the earth. Thank her for abiding with you, for holding you up. Then offer yourself to the new brightness in the air. (3)

In traditional astrology, Libra is said to be the sign of the Sun’s “fall” – meaning, it’s one of the signs in which the Sun’s innate qualities of pride and ego are least able to express themselves. Unlike prideful Leo (the sign of the Sun’s rulership) and headstrong, impulsive Aries (sign of the Sun’s exaltation), Libra has the ability to strategically suppress his ego in order to get what he wants.

With lots of impatient Aries planets on a collision course with Pluto, the potential for animosity and frustration over the next couple of weeks is enormous. It’s the kind of celestial atmosphere that suggests full-scale emotional meltdown. Picture four planets in Aries, like frustrated toddlers, falling down on their fannies, kicking their feet in the air, and screaming until they turn purple.

How to soothe four irate toddlers at once – or even one screaming customer, road-rageous fellow motorist, or internet flamethrower? By first making a friend of the enemy inside you – the stubborn, prideful, impulsive, and ego-driven part of you that stands in opposition to your best interests. Befriend that part of yourself, and you’ll have transformed your worst enemy into a strong, passionate ally. Once you’re fully at peace with yourself, you can respond to the rage, frustration, and stubbornness of others with kindness, even charm—fully expecting them to behave better, to be better. Not everyone will rise to meet your expectations —but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you did. (4)





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