Full Moon, Possibility, Trust, I Believe in Myself!

I LOVE the full moon, I have told you that many times. For 72 hours I feel it. I can always tell when the full moon is coming, as events,  and life aligns so Perfectly and Divinely and Serendipitous events simply fall into place with ease. My ideas get brilliant and my yoga flows that I teach download straight from Spirit. 

So, today, two moons after my dad passed over, four moons since our new home and cabin were built and we were able to move back to our sacred property… I will share a little know secret.

Every full moon for at least 2 years I have faced my so abilities. I have stood in the light of the full moon and honored Her. Chandra. Moon. The reflection. Then gathering up my courage i let the light shine on my back standing in Tadasana, then I reach and drop back into wheel, Danurasana. At the beginning, I had to practice dropping back onto the hill to make my confidence come up and the ground feel closer to my hands. Many times I fell on my head when I didnt trust my arms to remain strong. I have built my trust and belief. That is all this practice is about. So now, I still get excited and a but anxious, but I just freaking do it and DROP BACK. Knowing that my body is strong, my muscles know what to do, my bones are in alignment and I just GO. Then I enjoy the heart opener, with my heart upside down facing the full moon. Ahhhhhh. Why do I do it? Because I enjoy taking myself to another level. Now that I can, and trust this flow, I am working to pop back up into Tadasana. So far it has only happened once, but that means it is possible! Live in possibility! Trust! Believe!
Lets share this with the world!