Full Supermoon Energy!

What is your intention for this next cycle? What are you shedding to make space for it?
My BFF asked what can I do?
GO OUTSIDE AND SIT IN THE MOONLIGHT OF THE SUPERMOON! Even if you are reading this in the future, you can sit in intention, sit in the moonlight, write, draw, journal. You are simply holding a space to sit with Spirit. You may journal ‘why am I here?’ until you run out of ink or you begin to cry, as my friend Kristen Brooks teaches in her workshops! Find what is is that makes your heart full! Don’t worry about the outcome or the details, if the Universe gives you a dream then it also gives you a way to receive it! Just open up to the flow of abundance! It may come as a feeling of letting go at the back of your heart center, a tightness in your being somewhere in your body, an release of emotion or a place that habitually you hold. Let it go and receive! Look and listen for signs of Spirit, animals, random signs, numbers like 444, 333, 1111 and simply learn to train your thoughts to expect miracles. Look for the serendipitous moments!
Take a deep look around you. What are you creating in your life? What direction do you want your life to go? Are the daily steps taken toward that dream or do you want to change that direction? What are you putting your gift of creativity into in your environment, your relationships, your material abundance?
Today, I started this full super moon by creating a beautiful midnight altar, a bath and self care with Abayangha (oiling my whole body with love) and listening to a Joseph Campbell audio book (wow). Then this morning began with a friend and trainee chanting the Gayatri Mantra with the rising sun, then some Surya Namaskar vinyasa flow and I brought through a Guided Meditation on the Celtic Birch tree followed by an amazing Reiki session. Then we added two new team members to our awesome Team Dynamic Destiny and I had many connections with people offering some wonderful opportunities to share health and nutrition.
This is a good moon to anchor and ground a new vision. It may even be something that has been there, just under the surface of your conscious mind, and now suddenly you have some clarity or awakening to your vision, dream, direction or purpose. This is an expansive time full of inspiration! It is a time where you may be able to see how something you thought improbable is suddenly very possible. Problems finally have solutions. Inspire, uplift you and bring some positivity to someone’s day!Take the time to honor the blessings in your life today! Learn to celebrate the small things and most of all stay in the flow of being in joy and gratitude.
In this cycle, we have the blessing of a feminine sign, Taurus. An Earth element power sign, ruled by Venus, a Goddess sign, which is full of physical strength and patience with a grounded point of view. Taurus is the sign of our self worth!
Spirit knows that you are so valuable, so precious, and you are in a body learning to manifest the Divine into the physical plane. THIS IS OUR WORK!
Through Taurus, the most physical of signs, you are given physical senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, movement and through our thoughts and senses we bring: dreams, visions, agreements, lessons basically whatever we put our attention on INTO MANIFESTATION in the physical realm.
Patricia Lilies