Getting a teenager to drink green smoothies

How did I accomplish this huge feat?  Starve them out. Yep. That’s right. Don’t but the junk. Don’t bring them fast food. Leave them at home with ‘nothing good to eat’.
After they figure out your not caving then they will have to eat. Lol. It’s taken me at least 6 months. Seriously I’ve introduced over 100 of my Green smoothies and my son tells me they are nasty. Until this week.


Note he is still on the computer but… hey!  He’s smiling AND drinking the green smoothie!
I thought it would never happen.
I’m a happy momma.
How else are you going to get a teenager to eat two huge handfuls of organic kale, spinach and  baby chard, plus a  mango, a kiwi, half of a lime, some orange juice some Complete Powder and the whole pint of blackberries in one sitting!