Giving Everyone A Voice

So here it goes: everyone around me is creating magic. I mean it. Look around you. People are doing incredible things. Your neighbor? He just started a non-profit organization to help bring dental care to Honduras. That girl next to you in yoga class last night? She’s dedicating 10 hours a week to assisting women in shelters. All around us, every day people are doing extraordinary things. You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference. So, I’ve decided to give these every day celebrities a voice. They want to get their message out and share their passions and I want to help them! Hopefully, you’ll be moved to action by their stories. I’m not saying that you’ll join their movement or donate to their cause, but perhaps it will help you discover the passion within.

My first interview is with Monica Blossom, a local Dallas treasure. Monica creates amazing events for the Dallas Community and is passionate about sharing love. Find more information about Monica and her events at

To listen to the first episode (while we wait for iTunes to approve the show!) just follow this link: