God is GREAT Moment- Still Inspired

WELL!! I am sitting here just overjoyed with Gods greatness!

Let me share, how just the past 20 minutes of my life unfolded–perfectly!

The city has been redoing the street in front of my moms house and lucky me, today they are  in front of my moms house so my car is blocked in 🙁

Bummer because Mini Me has a doctors appointment that I have been waiting an entire month to go to!

My mom sticks her head in my room and tells me to move my car before it’s blocked in, and to be honest spirit has been telling me all morning to move my car. BUT I am not parking on the street so I didn’t move they aint gonna accidentally hit my car with a boulder–oops! Child Cheese



 WELL guess who is blocked in! This girl 🙂

 I tell my mother MM has a doctors appointment and she says she doesn’t want me to drive her car because I might get in an accident.

I tell her I have a clean driving record and I have never been in one and don’t plan on starting today.

NOW-Old Lonee would have been worked up in this moment, New Inspired and truly connected, not faux connected Lonee is like OK (in the back of my mind I know she’ll let me do it.)

She relents and tells me if I do drive her car I have to get her some cigarettes whether I want to or not-NOT!

I get up, and start getting ready for her appointment, I don’t get further than my morning meditation on my throne before my spirit says, ‘be still and connect’.

See, in the Deepak teaching I posted yesterday it said to get still as often as possible. Yall know, being a mother of two, you may get time to yourself in the bathroom, if you’re lucky! So I decided to listen this time and get still.

NOW Here is when God started manifesting in overdrive BOOM-BAM-POW!

In the bathroom I was told to reschedule the appointment. Whether it was ego who inserted, ‘the last thing you want to happen is the moment you drive your mothers car something falls apart-which has been the trend of my tenure here, or it was a spirit warning, I heeded.

So I set to the work of rescheduling her appointment. As I sit on the phone waiting, I see the little girl MM has been waiting over a month to play with come outside… but peep this, MM is usually at Day Camp, but because she had a doctors appointment and I though it was silly to take her for three hours-I’d rather sleep in 🙂 I didn’t take her.

But it gets better, keep reading!

When the doctor finally picks up, I learn that they have no appointment on record for today… what?

Again, typical Lonee would have been annoyed, but inspired Lonee thanks God for the revelation AND the men tearing up the street that stopped me from driving an hour out to a phantom appointment!


After I get off the phone I hear glass clinking in the front. I know if it was my mom she would have stopped by now so I know its Jr.

So I go to the front to see what is going and Jr is literally hanging from the side of the table by her belly. And I know this is bad but it was funny as heck to see this kid literally hanging, feet dangling and she’s trying to ge the keys to the car no one can drive because it’s blocked in lol!

Every time Jr eats I take her shirt off because she stains everything… now know that because she had no shirt on, her stomach was sticky enough to adhere to the table and she didn’t fall and bust her head!


In just the first few minutes I opened my eyes these miracles have already materialized in my life:

1. There was never a doctors appointment and the streets being tore up caused me to call and reschedule the appointment that never was scheduled properly.

2. Mini Me has been harassing me- as if I have something to do with it- about playing with this little girl. If I would have taken her to day camp she would have missed out, and I wouldn’t have been able to go pick her up at 4 because my car would have been blocked in! AND if my car hadn’t been blocked in, she would have been at a doctors appointment and not being able to play with the girl she has been trying to play with for a month!

3. If Jr had a shirt on she would have slipped and fell off the table. But because she had skin against polished wood she stuck like glue. I had time to take video and pictures before getting her down. She is just talking and being Jr… my girls

The funny, my ‘roommate’ is walking around talking about how the street repairs are ruining peoples day… I find it all to be a blessing! They get to work and earn an income and I got to save some gas on what would have been a wasted trip!

Its all about perspective. When you shift your expectation for your life you receive the little nudges pushing you in the inspired desired direction!

So inspired, loving each day! Be blessed!

I feel different, and I see through different eyes and this is only day two! Granted this is a renewal vs. just starting but still! I’M ALIVE


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