Goddess Chakra Vinyasa Flow + Reiki at Texas Yoga Conference 2016 with Lisa Ware


Goddess Vinyasa Chakra Flow

Join Lisa Ware at TYC 2016, presenter since 2011, for a 90 minute practice!

A practice for an awakening of the divine Goddess within! Set your intention and find your highest Self on your mat! This master class consists of vinyasa flow to conscious  music designed to activate, balance and connect. Experience a very strong asana practice designed to propel you forward into positive change while Lisa shares affirmations for each chakra and leads cueing with prompts to pause, reflect, and move with intention. Learn and feel in new ways, connect with your natural Prana through postures and Reiki energetics focused for awakening mind, body and Spirit. The class is open to every Goddess, beginner and experienced yogis alike.

Finish with Reiki, Guided meditation and Savasana with crystal bowls.