Goddess Tools, my gift for you! Cancer …Together Let’s Change the Outcome!

Lisa Bird Of Paradise TYC

Dear Yogis, Friends and Students~

You are so special to me. By you reading this and allowing me into your life on a reglar basis you allow me to manifest these ideas that I bring through to the world. I have recently taught at Texas Yoga Conference and it was amazing. I recorded it and want to share the experience with you. The class is called Goddess Chakra Vinyasa Flow + Reiki. You can find this audio class plus several more yoga classes, meditations, breath work practices as well as some PDF Goddess Tools for your chakras on a secret page on my website. Feel free to share these tools with anyone that may benefit from them on social media. Here is the link to the free audio workshop!

Goddess Vinyasa Chakra Flow

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Really what is on my heart is to share about cancer. WHAT The HELL is going on. Really? The question used to be: do you know anyone who has been touched by cancer, now it is: how many people on your social media feed friends are going through freaking treatment. I am ready to stand up and fight. This is an epidemic and we MUST do something.

I lost both of my parents to cancer before I was 43. Age 42 is when my mom was diagnosed back when I was in 7th grade in the mid 80’s. (yes I am an 80’s chic, this explains a lot). She had a 16 year remission then stage 4 came back with a vengance in 2000. She battled with the most positivity I have ever seen! She was a true warrior. This is why I named my company Yoga 4 Love. Just 3 days after my second yoga teacher training in Austin, I came back home and she had digressed total 180 and she died.

My dad waited 7 years to the day that she passed to be buried. It has not even been a year now. May 7, 2015 and he literally died of a broken heart chakra. He manifested every disease associated with the heart chakra.

This story is sad, but he lived a long life and is much happier now that he crossed and is with my mom again.

Nowadays we are seeing young people, many in their 30’s getting this dis-ease!!! We must protect our children. “This is the first generation of children not expected to outlive their parents,” Dr. Katz.

We can protect our chldren by EDUCATION. They must learn how to eat!!! No one really eats an alkaline diet consisting of the recommended 9-13 fruits and veggies that we must get in daily. I really dont know anyone, even me as a vegan, that gets that every day consistently. Kids that I see when I do talks and shows about healthy living do not even know what certain common veggies look like! Let alone eat them! We can empower our body-vessels with simply giving them the phytonutrients they require to heal!

So enough of my rant. If you have a friend that may or may not be open to talking to me about their health or their kids health, I am doing FREE 15 minute coaching sessions as my treat. Please email me.

We have some really awesome stuff coming up, I hope to see you soon. Keep in touch and let me know what is new in your life!


Peace, Love + Light,