11-16 | Green Smoothie Party + Nutrition Talk

Lisa | Green Smoothie Cheesiness

Lisa | Green Smoothie Cheesiness

Saturday 11/16

11:30- 12:30




Come enjoy delicious smoothies made with whole fruits and greens! Learn recipes and ways to incorporate healthy snacks into your family’s menu! Educate yourself how to easily (and affordably) eat 17-25 servings of whole foods, fruits, grains, berries and veggies every day!
Yummy chewable fruit and veggie gummies FREE for your kids!
Please join Lisa Ware and she shares her fave green smoothie recipes with you. Learn the positive impact that whole-food nutrition has on your health!
Topics we will cover:
• Reducing risk for Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes
• Reverse or lessen symptoms of Autoimmune, Asthma, Arthritis, GI Disorders
• Help with IBS
• Reducing the Risk of Cancer
• Cancer Survivors
* Health Tips
• PreNatal / Nursing mother health essentials

Held at Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio
558 Bluebird Lane | Red Oak Tx 75154
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