Happy 2014 Happy New Moon + Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio’s 3 Year Anniversary

Happy New Year 2014! It is Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio’s 3 Year Anniversary!


Plus… it is an unusual New Moon, and a SuperMoon at that, on New Year’s Day morning 5:14 AM CST.

This is a perfect time to set our intentions for the coming cycle!  Any New Moon potentizes our intentions as we align them with the thrusting forward of new unfolding and growing energy, but aligned with the cultural significance to many of the calendar year, we have a strong force for laying out to the elemental universe our desires and needs for the coming year.

New Moon is the time for anchoring our intentions and setting goals for the next year. This is a super moon that harnesses the year with a good blast of focus and the inspiration!  Make a healthy “to do” list. Beware of irritation, conflict and reactions of others. There is a potential for arguments, accidents and emotional eruptions. This is all part of the energetic tension that can actually be focused into productivity …if you are aware of it. YOU decide which way it will go.

Practice setting some boundaries around with whom and where you spend your precious time during this New Year and New Moon time. Don’t waste it on trying to please others! Don’t get sucked into some activity that does not serve you (FaceBook). Use this opportunity to launch your year in the best way possible!


New Moon Resource: The Power Path