Happy Full Harvest Moon and Autumnal Equinox

Sunrise Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Sunrise Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

TODAY is the day to begin the shift.

The Full Moon before the Autumnal Equinox is about POWER, Beauty Transformation. It all starts with you. Take time today to sit, breathe, ask, receive. What do you want in your life? What answers do you want? What do you want to give?

I was reminded that it is also HARVEST MOON! What have you sewn? What are you reaping? It is time to reap your harvest!

Live life according to Spirit rather than ego. Enjoy the process of life! Dance with the falling leaves!

Where do you most need to regain your balance now? In your
relationships? In your diet? In the way you spend your time? Most of us
know exactly what we need to do to turn our lives around. But few of us
realize just how much easier it is to change ourselves along with the
changing season. Your body and psyche are shifting along with the natural
environment around you. This is the perfect time to follow through on your intuitions about what needs to change for you. READ MORE



Harvest Moon Wishing Meditation Game

It’s a special Full Moon, the Harvest Moon, occurring just before Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra, and the Earth turns toward a new season. Libra is a cardinal sign and in cardinal months we’re often inspired to take new action. There is energy for movement and change!

But first, bless yourself with a little Full Moon magic. On the morning of the Harvest Moon, write down this question: “What would I most love to achieve in the coming season?” Return to this question several times throughout the day and record all of your answers. Before moonrise, select the wish that feels most energetic and true. After the Full Moon has risen, find a secluded spot and stand naked (or nearly so!) under the Moon. Scrub your skin as though you were bathing in moonbeams. Keep your eyes on the Moon and when you feel ready, ask Luna to help make your wish come true.

Watch the Moon for a sign. If she remains clear, that’s a “Yes!” If she brightens and her light intensifies, that’s a strong “Yes!” If a cloud passes over the Moon, you may need to re-think or refine your wish. You can try again the following night, as the Harvest Moon lasts at least three days.