Happy Holi!

Many in India are celebrate Holi. Holi is a transformative celebration that rings in the arrival of Spring. During this celebration Hindus are honoring the love between Krishna and Radha.

You can see people happily spray colored powder on each other recognizing the unity between all beings.

Few years ago, I was in India during the Ganesha Festival. What a great experience we had! We bought a white outfit for the ocassion. Nothing fancy, it is actually meant to be worn once. Our Hindu friends were very polite while throwing the rainbow color powders at us… Before we knew it were covered in colors and became part of this huge celebration.

I felt like a kid again… We laughed and danced as we became part of the parade.

Even though we are here in America and many of us are not Hindus, we can still celebrate  one another and recognize the unity between all beings… We can celebrate happiness, love and peace. Let us all shine today and let our inner light burn bright!