Hot Latte Addiction, a Healthy Coffee Alternative


Our new morning coffee is safe to drink while on a cleanse. We love coconut oil and this latte is guilt free and it’s REALLY yummy!
Make it a Mocha latte, a vanilla latte or a Chai Tea latte! See below!
2-3 cups hot water, to taste
2 tsp decaf organic instant coffee or better yet use an Alkaline coffee powder made from the mushroom root! I love Oregano Gold, Black or Ganoderma root powder (available on Amazon)
You can also use Chai Tea, steeped in the hot water.
1 1/2 Tbsp organic coconut oil
1 t Chia Seeds
1/3 C Juice Plus Chocolate or Vanilla Complete whole food powder
Place in blender and mix. .. enjoy!
Peace, Love + Light~
Lisa Ware