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A One-on-One Detox, Nutrition and Cleansing process for your Body, Mind, Spirit

~with Lisa Ware, E-RYT200, Reiki Master, Lifecoach

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Hi! I’m Lisa Ware. As a Yoga Instructor and Lifecoach, I found that many people need direct coaching and more accountability, and do not come to group sessions regularly. Therefore, I am booking my sessions privately, in addition to the group sessions and nutrition cleanse programs that are available. I have found much LONG TERM success by doing these individual sessions with my students and clients.

We will focus on making your experience very personalized. You and I can meet via phone, Skype or in the studio. Your customized program will be based on a review of the program during our first session. We will then discuss supplements and recommendations you may need after we consult. You then will have 90 days with me to complete the program.

If you want to talk via phone to answer more questions please contact us. I look forward to working with you on your goals and dreams!

Lisa =-)

Together we will create the perfect plan for you, your body, your lifestyle, your time and your journey!


Personal Life Coaching with Lisa Ware

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A Customized Coaching Program for Cleaning up your Habits:

Behavior, Diet, Lifestyle, Habits, Self-Talk + Personal Environment, Detox, Nutrition Personalized just for you!

Included in Program:

  • Includes two 60 minute Lifecoaching meetings; 1 hour each; one at beginning of the program and one as a wrap up to the 8 weeks.
  • Yoga 4 Love’s Downloadable Program in PDF with your Daily Plan, Whole Food Recipes, 14 Day Meal Plan and much more! – $100 Value!
  • Initial and Final Weight and Measurements (in private)
  • Personal recommendations for nutritional supplements such as:
    • Whole Food Nutrition
    • Herbal Detox Supplement, if needed in Phase 2
    • Essential Oils
    • Herbal Detox Teas
  • Creating a customized daily program and personalized detox specifically for you!
  • Personal lifecoaching focusing on lifestyle enhancement, transformation, nutrition and goalsetting, yoga, meditation, Pranayama (breathwork) Reiki and personalized affirmations.
    8 Weekly Sessions:
    1 meeting 60 minutes with consultation, 7 meetings 20-30 minutes each,
    Personalized homework
    Customized worksheets on goalsetting and lifestyle enhancement + breakthrough techniques
    Feeling Fit Plan for accountability through yoga, meditation and nutrition plan.

Coaching Tools Included:

  • Customized Weekly Journal Tracker for Food, Yoga, Meditation, Exercise
  • 5 Minutes 4 Positive Change Booklet by Lisa Ware; $20 Value
  • Weight Loss Plan, if needed
  • Goals Sheet
  • Recommended grocery list
  • Food chart
  • Daily Menu
  •  Yoga 4 Love favorite Green Smoothie Recipes
  • Ayurveda Dosha test and personal analysis
  • Audio Meditation access

Email and text accountability throughout the 8 week program. We will be in contact regularly with questions that arise. You will have homework to turn in to me: the weekly tracker and the annual goals sheet.

Live Loved Lifecoaching

8 Week Mini Meeting Package:

$199 8 Sessions ($330 Value) 

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Meditations and yoga classes available as mp3
Streaming Audio with Lisa Ware + discounted rate $10/mo

All sessions are personalized just for you!

I am so glad that you are ready to move forward in your life! I will meet with you as a accountability partner, confidant and motivator in your life.  I believe these 8 weekly meetings are truly is the key to success in a lifestyle change. Those who have met regularly with me have seen some really great results. I am here for you, you don’t have to do this alone!

For your personal yoga~ I truly recommend a daily practice. During the 8 weeks that we meet I recommend practicing yoga 2-3x weekly is key to implementing what you have learned and to make the shifts necessary in your mind/body/spirit. This ensures that the positive change becomes a permanent part of the NEW YOU! I have online classes as streaming audio at Hit Play Yoga, as well as my regular classes at my studio, Dynamic Yoga 4 Love.

Lisa =-)


Angel Card Readings~ In studio, on phone or via Skype

Angel Card Readings

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Lisa Ware is an intuitive through the gifts of listening to messages (clairaudience), feeling emotions and impressions of a client (clairsensience) and visions (clairvoyance). She uses tools such as Reiki, Meditation and Angel/ Animal Cards to help interpret these messages for you. A session is fun and very clarifying for many areas in your life. We never know what will come through but her clients have always stated that the info given is powerful and accurate. She works solely with the White Light of Jesus Christ in her life and in all her sessions.

Through your session she may also give you positive affirmations straight from your Angels. Be prepared to take notes if on the phone. If in studio she will send you them as an email or text after session.

$30/ Session for approx. 30 minute sesson

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