How do you make a Salad in a Jar?


So fun!

We had a party doing it! Everybody brings two ingredients and lots of it, then everybody brings their own Mason jars and a dressing of choice and a topping. We set everything up in a buffet, starting with the jars. Next we put in the dressing at the bottom. All of the wet ingredients go at the very bottom, so if you’re doing tuna salad or chicken salad that would go next. Then you put in your ingredients that can get wet, such as black beans, chickpeas or frozen peas. Then you later something on top of that to separate the wet ingredients from the green leafy layer. In this layer we added things like chopped carrots, broccoli, chopped Bell pepper etc.

Next you pack in a bunch of greens, we used power greens with kale and organic spinach. The top layer is things like nuts, sunflower seeds, dried edamame, and packaged crunchy salad toppers. Then you put the lid on!

When you are ready to eat it, you just shake it up!