How to Make Kombutcha


Get or start a SCOBY
Place in a glass jar with a little of the original kombutcha tea
Measure how much your new jar will hold
Boil that am20160707_21383420160707_22405020160707_213742ount of water
Add a few tea bags (I use Lousianne)
Add organic sugar, use 1/2 C per quart, approximately
Stir Cool completely (or you can kill your SCOBY)
Add the tea to the glass jar with the SCOBY
Leave room at the top so the SCOBY can ex
pand and grow.
Cover with a cut tee shirt or clean rag. Cheesecloth isn’t an option as it let’s in fruit flies.
Secure with a hair or rubber band.
Place in a cool dark area.
Leave it alone!
It takes about 3 weeks. Cold weather slows down the process.
You can swish it around if the SCOBY gets a dry patch.
The SCOBY will get really thick and then you know all the sugar has been converted. You cab taste it with a spoon to see if it’s not set and if it’s fizzy. If so it’s ready!
You can leave it longer and you can grow more SCOBYs. The babies will produce off the bottom of the mother. They forest so they will come down and you can let them get thicker. If you want to split them so you can make 2 batches next time do so with your fingers very carefully. If they don’t come of easily don’t tear the mother. Let them sit longer back in the closet.
Once the batch is ready to pour off for drinking then save some of the tea with the mother to make a new batch.
I had two different starters. One from a friend and another I created (grew) from the bottom of a purchased bottle of Holy Kombucha from which I saved all of the bottom part then added 1 C of hot tea (completely cooled) and 1 T sugar. It took at least a month to get thick enough to use to make a batch.
The sugar will not make your final kombutcha tea sweet, it’s there to feed the SCOBY. Don’t worry it’s not an exact process.
If you want to have flavored kombutcha then add 2/3 kombutcha and 1/3 organic juice. You can be creative!
Once you remove the SCOBY and pour into jars you need to refrigerate it. You can also refrigerate the SCOBYs to stop the growing process.
Google all the benefits of this amazing fizzy probiotic drink!


Peace, Love + Light~

Lisa Ware